Thursday, November 08, 2007

the colorful festival.. but the un-colored me.. *sobs*


Public Holiday!!!
But I got nothing to do.. and nowhere to go.. and no one to find...
(so pathetic, right????)
Woke up at 10am.. watched this Taiwan+China+HongKie drama series.. until 2pm..
Yes.. the whole family got hooked, sat in front of the TV with no breakfast or lunch..
watching it, laughing over it, crying over it.. getting EMO over it..
I duno the english title but.. it was NOT a bad love sappy sad-case movie..
It's about how HongKong was returned to China at 1997..
how families faced it.. etc etc etc... very good one..

Anyway.. finally tummy growled like hellll...
Went out for lunch.. feel vegetarian today.. heheh..
No where to go... Don't feel like "jamming" around with the crowd..
so went Tesco inside.. need to get some vege and ham..
me cooking dinner tonight.. Mom wanna HOLIDAY wor..Konon-lar.. *rolls eyes*

Was at the pharmacy, browsing around for looking for something to detox my body..
Something caught my eye.. (pic below)
HORNY Goat Complex???
hahahhaa.. ok.. mind me.. i was laughing so bad INSIDE ok..
but couldn't help to release a few giddy giggles with my sis..
i mean.. HORNY??? GOAT?? KAMBING lagi? *guffaws*

Ahem.. ok ok.. i googled it.. and there's a story behind the "name'"

"Horny Goat Weed's combination of botanical ingredients may enhance sexual performance through a variety of mechanisms such as increased testosterone production, increased energy and increased sexual hormone production.
It is a robust all-natural stimulant that can support a more robust life as well as love-life.

Direction to use??
Take 2 capsules daily with a meal. For more IMMEDIATE ACTION, take 3-4 capsules 90 minutes before ACTIVITY."

Yay!! Found my detox tea. I never tried it before though..
Just saw the reviews in the health magazine..
Simple and easy worrr...
It was RM 29.50 a box - only 5 sachets inside...
Ish.. one tea bag for approx 6 bucks!!??
I asked dad.. he tak nak.. say sure got chemicals.. bla bla bla.. not organic larr..
Sighh.. that's what u hav to pay when u have super high health-conscious parents..

Tried a pair of soft leather white low heels.. Mom wanna buy the black one..
But as usual la.. she tak boleh tahan wearing leather shoes..
Said it was pretty nice.. but then.. complained pain lar.. hard to walk lar.. etc
So end up not buying.. and I couldn't buy too.. *lets go a superrr long sighhh*

(Below) Stupid idiotic brother.. duno wat facial expression he was trying to show..
Keep on holding on this long bamboo-look-alike rattan "stick"
... that my mom uses to massage her neck and shoulder..
Think he's monkey god kua?? *pukes*

Nothing better to do.. Just wanted to know how long my eye lashes are..
HEhehee.. in other words cam-whore larrr...


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