Thursday, November 29, 2007

design culture

What looong hours today...*stretches*
Today was pretty tiring. Over-used my brain.
Feel a lil stress.. juggling between two concepts... hmmm...

Skipped lunch today. -_-
Didn't feel like eating.
Make myself a hot cup of milo+nescafe mix and nibbled on a couple of biscuits... hehe..
Then I remembered of "someone"... *grins*
Snapped a few pics of my office to post it up here...
not upstairs though.. private. hehe

My office is a townhouse actually..
Located very very near to Plaza Damas.. walking distance only.
I did mentioned my office is in Sri Hartamas before rite??

1. The little waiting area at the entrance.
The door is hidden by that laminate samples board.
The wallpaper on the feature wall very nice lar..
but can't see from here.. hehehe..

2. View from the entrance to the pantry at the end there..

3. Saw my LCD monitor on the 2nd table??
So big.. hahaha.. Berny sat in front of me.
Behind me is one empty table.. waiting for "someone".. *hint hint*

4. Library and materials room.
This is where I sit when I'm working on my concept boards and materials selection.

5. My table. Yeah.. i know it's kinda messy...
Halfway doing work mar.. haisehhh.. i very neat one okk.. hahahahah
No sense of "me" on the table yet right??..
I just worked for a week nia okayy.. haiyerrr gimme time to decorate larr.. haha
but then.. i part time only.. so no need lar.. i mean.. no need YET.. 0_O

Kinda small huh?? but i'm happy here.. very nice working atmosphere...
Nice bosses.. nice colleague.. Workload still okay at the moment..
Working life isn't that bad for me.. though i will sulk here and there.. but nothing serious.
No kidding..

Gotta sleep early.. *yawnzzz*
Damansara jam was horrible today 'cos of the flash flood and heavy rain.
but funny thing was.. Klang no jam AT ALL.. surprise surprise..
Damn tired......
Tomorrow another day. Sigh.


yvonne tang said...


1-kena paksa to leave comment again
2-moh gee,i am cold
3-i cant wait to go back to working life

Michelle said...

1. leave more k.. haha
2. i'm not there to hug u.. eat more kenny ROGER k
3. faster come back.. ahahhahah u can meh? hmph!!

yvonne tang said...

1. how much u gona pay me for all the comments?
2. can kenny ROGER made me feel warm?i dont see any here,but i really miss eating kenny ROGER,ok?
3. ok,i am going back soon,u wait till january!

ashley said...

Really nice office!! Small and not too's the colleagues?

Michelle said...

1. pay ur head.
2. kenny roger chicken sure nice..
got new rosemary chicken.. serious.. hahaha haven try yet.. wait u come back first la..
3. january???? don later tell me feb.. then march.. then not coming back.. nabeh u.

ashley: colleague is my classmate back in limkokwing.. good good.. heheh happy here. ^_^

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