Sunday, November 04, 2007

teluk gong make u gong??

So tiring working on my thesis.. Can someone like give me a hand with it?
UrrGhhhhh *groans*... So holiday MOOD....
Anyone got freelance job for me??? I'm so broke alreadyyy. *sobs*

I woke up quite late this morning.. or should I say afternoon??
12.03 pm.
Thought can straight away start off with my thesis... but mana tau...
My parents decided to go Banting again since it was backfired yesterday night..
I have to be so suey siao, terpaksa bring my sis to the hairdresser to cut her hair..
Everytime last minute.. damn sien.. tomorrow the discipline teacher gonna check..
SIGH!!! chinese schools really ma-kuai-fan..

Tried this new saloon AHEAD near my place..
that owner = only hair stylist in the bloody saloon was soooooo LANSI..
old-masculine-gayish-at-least-35-years-old fella.. sibeh lansi..
Asked to cut shorter.. he gave me an attitude..
Come on lar.. my sis is only form 1.. he gave her this stupid short spiky funky style..
Looked at me and mumbled to himself.. as if like i'm not "IN" enough..
Idiot babi.. silly arrogant glances..
Everything after he uses it.. he'll either throw it on the floor..
or smashed it back in the containers.. or threw on the table.. emo *toot*
CHICKEN PIE. *stabs him*

Anyway.. went Teluk Gong for dinner with my whole family...
And 2 more couples... parents' friends.
We brought mulberry leaves for tea and a bottle of red wine.
Ate a lot.. regretted d. *whininggg* "why oh why i makan so much??"
Supposely i'm on my diet plan.. but somehow.. I just can't resist the food tonight..

Not bad.. dinner only cost RM244++ tonight.. So-so lar..
Ok.. back to work. *sniff*


yvonne tang said...

uhm...i dipaksa to leave a message over here by someone!!she always scolded me for not leaving any comments,haih,like that also can!!

so,i have to say that,tan moh gee,u better eat less,look are urself right now,dont get a shock!
i want to eat those food,i miss them~~~yummy yumy!!!

Michelle said...

one word = PARIA
hahahha u one day don't char me u can siao hor!!! NABEH...

yvonne tang said...

wat..u see,now leave comment,also let u scold!!sian lah

hehe,i love to char u lah,one day i dint char you,i wont siao,i will become very "kiiii siao" lah..

hahaha,do ur work lah..