Tuesday, November 13, 2007

flew-by 4 different places a day

Hmm.. few days din blog d.
Been busy and also kinda a bit lazy..
Was watching so many dvd series till I almost went gaga..

I went for an interview this evening.
Appointment was at 5pm. Sri Hartamas.
I got the job!! *beams*
On the other hand.. i was happy that I wasn't gonna be jobless for my sem break.
BUT.. on the other other other hand.. i kinda nervous..
or should i say low-confidence to do a good job??
Been long I've never been attached to a company.. so suddenly..
hmmm.. never mind that.. I'll still strive for the bestt... Gambate!!.. hehhehe

Anyway.. been a long day today..
Went lunch with Wendy at Glenmarie during her lunch hour.. around 12.30pm..
Then I went off to Subang to print my portfolio.. hmm.. done around 2.15pm..
then I got nowhere to go and nobody to call.. everyone busy working.. *sighs*
So i went off the Pyramid.. to kill time.. and to arrange my portfolio file..
and to try my luck to curi HuayPin out of her working hours..
BUT.. no such luck.. Darnnn..

Kinda craving for ice-cream.. Tried New Zealand Natural..
'cos ChoonWee told me their ice-cream sucks..
Bought a scoop of low fat NZN Choco'Lite for 6.50bucks..
kinda to un-nervous myself larrr.. hahhaa..
Hmm... nice smooth delicious Belgian chocolate.. but kinda toooo sweet for me.

Sitting there on their couch.. starting to arrange my portfolio...
and kinda prepare how to "talk" during the interview later.. ahahha *blushes*
Been some timeee d okay..
Watching at random people skating, screaming, taking advantages in the ice-rink..
How come these people needless to work one???

Oh shit.. almost 4pm.
Butterflies flapping like hell in my tummy. Making love, i guess... *laughs*
Before heading to the carpark.. a sudden urge to pee.. hehe
Walking into Marakesh.. hmm.. really got the feel. hahaha.
Snap a few pics for that "taiwan wind" to see..

This walkway was so bloody orange and brought pain to my eyes..
I was thinking.. "Yer.. this color again.. definitely some typical standard ugly toilet.."
But oh my.. I was wrongg..

Nice hor? hahhhaa.. i really feel quite "marakesh"...
The lighting.. the shapes.. the textures.. the fittings. Not bad..
Hmm.. mayb it's new and still clean kua...
One bad thing is that.. the bloody toilet paper roll case was placed so "hidden"..
Most people walked in.. couldn't find it..
Spent like 1 minute looking for the toilet paper roll all over the toilet walls. hahahaa..

Took the chance to camwhore a bit also. *grins*
The mirror is a skinny mirror.. so i'm much fatter than this pic.

*interview session on*

Well well.. Interview went well.. Berny was all smiley.. Hahahaa.. that siao po.
I went to 1U to met my cousin, MK (worked at Damansara Heights) for dinner..
That fella.. firstly he was late due to the horrible raining-jam, food-picky like hell..
kap lui like hell.. tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk.. *shakes head*
seriously guys hor.. the way they "scanned" for girls.. really "worth-to-look-up-to"..
I was walking around the new wing with him after dinner which was tempenyaki..
Suddenly he just cut across me and head towards the nearest railing..
BLOODy siao kia.. because there was a cute chick walking down the escalator..
Liddat see also song ar???? Aiyooo..

(above) Was trying on a few blouses in Zara while waiting for MK. No money to buy. Sien.
"I'll Come Straight To The Point" were the words on this long blouse.
Siao Yvonne said, "the words.. suit you..."
You know what she meant lar.. Haiyerr.... Everytime bully me..
She's promoting the "International-Roaming Sarcasm Pills"....

On the way back to Klang after 9.20pm.. the long long long long NKVE highway..
Mom called.. asked me to drop by Aunt Sylvia's house.. They were there already.
Fine then. Don't feel like going back to an empty house though.
I walked in and was greeted by their horny ShihTzu puppy dry-humping his pillow.

What a freaking lonnggg day!!!


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