Monday, November 26, 2007

everywhere all jammed up... even my brain!!~

niama-eh.. 0_O"
I damn damn getting more and more tulan of Klang.
FUcking Jam.. fix bridge lar.. tear lar.. the "R" word lar.. roadblocks lar.. this la that lar..
Walau-eh!!!! Can KI SIAO ok!!!!!
Dad called me before 6pm to ask me not to go near Klang bridge after work..
In order to avoid that fucking jam in Klang that started since 12.30pm this afternoon, I have to take some dim dark highway if not mistaken.. it's Shapadu Highway...
All the way from NKVE to BatuBelah, making a big fat round into Port Klang to reach my house area. Luckily the toll was only 50 cents though it was a pretty loong way to reach.
BEh Tahan. *growls*
Worst. Sucks to be home when got no yummy food on the table. So vegan today. Arghh...

What a pleasant surprise.. I've got an "international" card sitting on my keyboard..
From Australia?...

Hmmm.. my first thought was..
ManYee? Cannot be.. I din give her my address...
Angela?? No lar.. not her.. we just facebooked that day..
Choon Wee??? Impossible lar... he's back here d wat..
Others like she? he? that she?? no lar.. i din give them my address.. hhmmm..
Then who lehhhh????!!! hehehhee..

Wahhh... so cute card.. Rudolph ROOdolph some red-nosed reindeer...
Way early Christmas Card.. First Christmas card...
Hmmm.. suspense suspense.. who sent me har??? who so got heart???
*takes a deep breath*

REALLY IS HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!
hahahhahahahahhaa.... and he just got back from Perth yesterday...
and I baru got his card today.. ahahha.. feel kinda weird in a touching way..
though he bloody ignored my sms this morning.. a-hole..

Thanks ya.. Choon Wee Lim.. I mean.. Lim Choon Wee..
We're at Malaysia now.. no surname kat belakang ya..~

Hungryyy.... Going to mamak now..
Go makan. *mwah*


wee said...

not raindeer...
its kangaROO......

Michelle said...

oh ya horr... nasai
i just saw properly now.. hahah
too into christmas reindeers d. hahaha..