Sunday, November 11, 2007

wastage of my tears

I'm hiding at home lately.
NO where to go.. NO money to spend.. NO anything to do..
Other than being online and preparin' for my portfolio (which I'm so so lazy of)..
My mom rented a lot lot of drama series dvd for me us to watch..

I love this drama.. "Return Home" or known as "荣归"
(click on titles from more info)
This drama.. *grins* DAMN GOOD.. serious..
I never shed so much tears on a drama or movie that is NOT romantic or sappy mushy kind..

This drama is so bloody reall.. so.. emotional..
though it was more on how HongKong was returned to China in 1997..
how Hongkies and Mainland Chinese adapted to the change.. etc etc..
but i really love this movie.. because it's so inspirational in a way..
telling you bout families, love, business, relations.. countries..
the twists and turns.. the emotions..
how rich people think.. scared of.. how poverty sucks..
how long lost brothers for 50 years met..
how each and everyone seems to have their unspoken problems..
OmiGOsh.. *sigh*

It's either the storyline is damn fooking good..
or the actors and actress are damn damn chio..
I mean.. their expression.. their.. EVERTHING.. so PuurrrrFECT..
The story IS a bit slow here n there.. but when u watched it all..
oh damn.. you'll be so grateful and proud.. in a way lar..
(i'm not exaggerating.. ok ok.. maybe a bit.. *feeling skippy*)

Ok ok.. last 2 words..

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