Friday, November 30, 2007

woon woon is my "boyfriend"

Woon~~ says:
this week we kept talkin on the fon

♥ missy says:

Woon~~ says:
sien edy right

Woon~~ says:
next week stop that ya...

♥ missy says:

♥ missy says:

♥ missy says:
talk also got wrong

Sigh.. this girl.
She in Taiwan. Coming back only next Jan.
Leaving me in stuck here, eat myself.

This morning... as I was driving to work..
I was thinking of something funny.. hahaha..
Yvonne aka Woon said a lot of times that..
we have so many things in common and really compromise and understand each other..
but too baddddd we're the SAME sex..
if I were to be a guy.. sure be her "the other half" d.. or vice versa..
well.. too bad.. nothing is perfect in this world rite.. hehhee...

Then I was thinking.. hmm... one in Taiwan.. one in Malaysia..
Always complaining bout missing each other's company..
Talking, shopping, clubbing, gossiping.. driving.. and eating good food..
We still do call each other sometimes and msn almost every night..
So all these... gave me a stupid thinking this morning..
it was like as if we're in a long-distance relationship..
so blardee hilarous lar.. hahahhahaa... laughing to myself while driving... -_-

Hmm... ok.. back to chat.
Halfway painting my nails in dark red.
Waiting for them to dry.. Typing so slow..

Going Poppy tomorrow night. Can't wait.
Need to unwind a bit after 2 weeks of work stress.

XOXO peeps. *mwah*


yvonne tang said...

yer....i dnt want to be ur bfren la!!!u better look for someone else!

Michelle said...

beh tahan u. hahha