Tuesday, December 04, 2007

poppy and jay.. THE BEST!!! holla!!~

my streamyx so FAIL lar..
tonight only finally got it back after endless rings to tmnet helpline..

Well well... Counting back days..
Weekend was a blast serious..
Went Cats Whiskers with ManYee
Bought a simple black top or can just wear it as a dress...
She bought a short tight denim pants.. hehe..

Anyway.. we went clubbing Saturday night.. Poppy.
Yups.. I enjoyed.. a lot.. ahahhaha..
With Alan, JWei, HuayPin, KokHau, Kelvin and his I-cant-remember-their-names friends.
Surprisingly how ManYee and the rest can cling on so bloody well..
mayb 'cos they were all wingwing d.. and she's a chun babe wor... hahahaha..
Alan have to keep on "stare up".. *laughs none stop*
And how that siao ManYee so bloody lazy lying kinda drunk on my bed once she entered my room.. She konked out so fast before I can even off the lights.. hahaha..

Hmm.. not knowing how to explain bout.. i really felt that it was a blast last Saturday.
Despite the fact that there was a cat-fight.. well.. almost..
some LackOfAttention girls cat-fighting over one guy who happened to be Kelvin's friend..
then HuayPin and her wing-attitude and sound-effects were so funny..
Alan and his Man-in-Black costume and macho haircut..
and how Alan and JWei mingled with ManYee on the dance floor... hilariously sexyyy...
Hahaha.. thinkin it back now.. a huge grin is plastered on my face. AGAIN.

I just completed my first 3d max 3d today..
First complete presentable one. A masterbedroom view..
hehehe.. Happy lar of course...
I'm so not expert... that's y.. really special thanks to..
- the really-damn-patient AlanMyBoss.. not that Alan-I-went-clubbing-with..
- the really-good-guidance-punya-"senior" from Bernadine.
*sniff sniff*

Bed's calling... YawWWnnnnNzzZZzz...
Ehhh.. wait.. yaya whatever.. call me some ah lian BUT i don give a *toot*...


I TELL you guys!! GO get jay chou's latest album..
whether it's pirated or real.. just GO get it..
the songs are bloodily good.. especially the love ballads.. the lyrics.. fucking romantic nyeh..
*shivers down the spine*

Fuck i so feel he's kinda "yeng"..
So that kind of "teen" boyfriend i want to get ten years ago.. 0_O
So can feel him when he ballads.... lummm...~~~

Yala.. Yvonne.. LeeHom rocks too okay... -_-



Michelle said...

anyway guys.. i don't think that's the MV kua.. guess'so..

money money said...

hey yoh~ remember send me those pictures yah..kakaka..

Michelle said...

yala!! chionghei..
should hav taken your drunk-sleep pic.. hahaha..