Saturday, December 08, 2007

say "I DO" to DOooNuts...

Sequence from this morning...
- Went to work.
- Went to client's restaurant opening ceremony for lunch at Sri Petaling.
- Came back and slept for 3 hours. *grins*
- Went JuscoBKTinggi after dinner.
- Blogging.
- Sleeping soon..


As usual.. no matter which Jusco we go to..
whether they are.. 1U lar.. Bukit Raja lar.. MidValley lar.. Pyramid lar.. etc lar..
she'll surely definitely positively 100% go into Jusco Supermarket.
Don't ask me why.. i pun tak tau. *shrugs*

So was walking around here and there.. and ternampak this F&B..
WahPiangg!!! Man chien kuih??? In a shopping mall??
What happen to those Malay genuine man-chien-kuih in pasar malam?
So expensive mann.. those ppl go makan also bodoh too rich d..

Apong also??? Haihsehhh... the same F&B...
but I really feel like.. Yeerrrrrrr...
RM3.80 for one?? Sai mm SAii ar???
I can buy like a can of sardin and a packet of flour to make it myself man..
So.. YERRRrrrrr... feel like a bit tipu money.. I dont think this is one bright creative idea ok.
More like taking this idiotic chance to earn from no-brainer consumers..
*rolled eyes*

hippetty hoppetty huppetty hop~~
nyehh nyehh.. bought my doughnuts loooo.. hehehe..

BigApple at 2nd floor near TGV.
Sibeh many people.. The first time I went in was like.. sudah jual habis...
that time was like only 9.30pm+.. so early...
Today.. the queue was longgggg... almost 10.15pm..
Was lining up.. and feeling a bit bored... so I went *snap snap snap*..

*picit picit picit* Dark or light?? Hmmm... BOTH!!

Aiyerr... finishing d.... Empty trays.. I want that cheesy one.. *sob sob*
No worries.. hehehe.. trays and trays and HOT HOT trays pouring out from the ovens..
The aroma was like... temptacious sial..

Yummyliciouss.... SighhHhhh.. taste heavenly good..
i might b exaggerating a bit.. but i've been craving for doughnuts since like.. MONTHS...
I wanted to buy more.. but my mom stopped me, quoting in her invisible inverted commas..
"too much doughnuts will make your body shaped like a doughnut".. NabehHhhh one..
and wait for that MeowQueen - SuChing to blanja me.. CAN DIEE WAITING.........
Can't wait for JCos... Hehehe.. Doughnuts maniac lately. (psstt... but i hate dunkins)

Beware of one thing of going to JuscoBKT..
The fucking parking autopay machines are soooo SIKIT that sibeh a lot of bloody queue to pay the parking ticket were like real long.. and i mean.. REAL LONG!!!
Imagine almost 10.30pm.. everyone leaving together.. and all terpaksa pay the tickets like 15 mins before you leave... So many people screwing the guards up and yakking away angrily..
All the guards could say were, "Parking is another company.. nothing to do with Jusco.."
Dad just drove to the parking without paying through the autopay... just gave the fella standing there 2 bucks and off we left.. IF NOT.. we're still stuck here like I might not be able to sit here blogging.. SO BLOODY BIG JUSCO.. thousands of people..
the idiot machines are like only 2-3 at several main entrances...

Suddenly.. I want more doughnuts... hmmm...

Like my nails color? Like my favourite mint green tea bubble-shake?
Cant really see from here.. It's dark dark maroony-red..

-_- ZZzzzzzz~~



slacker said...

j co better....

Michelle said...

buy for me.. buy for me..