Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy 4th Birthday to Michelle's Story~~

*Three years ago*
The day this blog was "born"..

*Two years ago*
I abandoned this blog. *sobs* How could me??

*A year ago*
Me and my invisible Prince Charming.. *rolled eyes*

This year, MerrY Christmas, everyoneeeee!!!!

Remember *this*.. guess what's inside??
HehEHehhhe.. *grins widely*


COokiES!!! a lot a lot of 'em!!! from Cookie Tree.
Very veryyyy yummyliCious!!! 8 different kinds altogether... What a treat!!~
Siblings sapu one packet of Cranberry Toast straight away..
The best.. No Sugar Added!!
Thank you thank you so muchhhh for this lovely present... *salutes*

My personal favourite that tops the rest of these very seducing yummylicious cookies...
MacaDemia Chocolate Brownies.. SUper CHUN!!!! *drools*

Well well.. I stayed home again this year..
Watching my drama dvd.. haven't touch it since I started working a month ago..
Anyway... I'm a full-time potato couch today... hehehe
Gonna go watch Miss USA and their "world peace" speeches on tv now.

to my 4-year-old michellastory blog..
and still... my last xmas wish today..


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