Friday, December 21, 2007

hohoho.. xmas is cominggg...

ooohhhhhhh... i got a present today...
a big big christmas present from DesignCulture.. which is my office lar..
Selina (lady boss) told me there's a christmas present waiting for me while I was on MC last Monday.. I thought she meant my paycheck.. ahhahaha..

Anyway... a big big nicely beautifully wrapped present waiting for me to strip it off..
but well.. i won't.. *grins* at least not now.. BLEK!
waiting for Christmas.. and I know what's inside gotta be superly yummylicioussss!!~

Somehow I can't wait for Christmas..
but no plans to go anywhere yet.. nobody plans anything yet..
Sigh.. hopefully it will be a blast though..

*fingers crossed*

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