Monday, December 24, 2007

us as elf??? can boh???

It's Christmas eve right?
Party?? Yayyy!!!
We have all planned to go KTV tonight and sing out lungs out... lalalaaaaaaaaa...
Right?? right??


I am "forced" to stay at home.
Don't ask d.. I sien. Don't feel like talking bout it..

ANYWAY... to compensate myself with no christmas eve party...
I did (so-called larr...) this christmas vid greetings.. got it from Jackson.

WahahhahaHAHhaha... So FUnnyyYY!!!
MERrY CHRIstmas!!!!!


p/s: don't emo lar k.. that vid only can starred 5 people.. =(


Big Boys Oven said...

Hope this christmas,santa will bring you loads of present, and a jolly new year!!!1

Michelle said...

thanks guys!!..
you too.. more xmas food posts to come.. =P

team bsg said...

Merry Christmas & a happy new year !
4everBSG with love

yvonne tang said...

siew char po...MERRY CHRISTMAS lah!
dnt be so upset anymore OK!!!

Michelle said...

team bsg - thanks bsg.. merry xmas to you too~~ and a wonderful new year head.. =P

yvonne - yala!! haha.. siao po.. hope xmas in taiwan is much more better hor.. like the vid?? ur head very nice.. ahhaha..