Sunday, December 09, 2007

another typical Sunday..

Woke up at 11.30am..
Not that late rite... hehe..
Been 3 weeks since I woke up after 11am.

Shooooshhhhh...... wa wa wa wa wa.. kua kua kua... boooo...
Nothing ler.. just feel like making some weird noises..

For the whole day, just hanging around.. fidgeting with my 3d max.. and some house chores.
Been working on that ONE perspective for like 2-3 days dy..
Shit lar.. I really still a bit blur blur on the software..
Can't get the effects I wanted.. Stupid me.
Geram!!~~ Scared later boss said why take so long to kautim one 3d. *sobs*

Today's mom off day... no cooking for her..
So I pulak yang cook.. I've been craving for pasta lately.. hehee..
Was thinking of makan fried spaghetti at KimGary last week... but too oily.. Easy jelak..
So.. i cook lor.. hehe.. Bolognese with added fresh crab meat.. yumm~~

Ray asked to watch his vid that other night..
Jeff Dunham with his puppet Achmed the dead terrorist...
Hilarious kau kau!!!

"oh-uh-oh.. i mean.. Allah-damn-it.."
"SILENCE!! I kill you!!..."

HahhahaHAHhaa.. sibeh the farneee... go see go see..
just click play lar.. dumb!! I kill you!!! *meekly*

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