Wednesday, December 26, 2007

ol' three stooges dinner-out

What a day...
Went Tropicana Damansara with Selina today..
to tengok-tengok this rich client's bungalow..
Damn nice and expensive wey.. I was so drooling over it.. imagine THAT is my house..
(pinched myself several times when I snapped some site pics that time... tsk tsk)
Wahsaii... sibeh song lor i tell you..
Seriously man.. I really look up up on how to earn millions to buy such expensive properties.. cars.. this that all high-end crap when I'm so struggling to earn thousands a month.. kelian..
As the old saying goes.. "Not same people, not same life.."

Anyway tonight.. 3 stooges went dinner at Paddington House of Pancake, The Curve.
I had Vienna.. Alan had can't-remember-the-name but looked damn a blast..
HuayPin had Amsterdam pannekoek..

Normal pancakes, pannekoeks, blitzes, galettes? You name it man.. over 90 types..
If there were no pix to see really I duno how to decide what to eat man...
So many varieties and different kind of pancake "themes"..
sibeh creative lar to come out with this food concept..
I mean it's just bloody pancakes.. just FLOUR..
bloody come out with ideas like this to earn big bucks..
Nabeh.. Why my brain not liddat har? *bites lips*
Don't believe?? Click *here*
Much more detailed review.. click *here*

Walk walk walk.. xmas deco here and there.. sales here and there..
no money to buy anything..
Ended up balik home with a box of half dozen big apples.
I mean DOUGHNUTS lar..
Yes again.

8 minutes ago.. the box was opened..
5 minutes ago.. all gone... left the box.


Last words for the day...
Quite fun once in a while to hang out with close friends till late night just for a simple dinner but millions of things to talk about.. digging back the past, peeps..
high school times WERE and ARE still the BEST!!

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slacker said...

eh.. i told u adi.. eat j co .. not big apple.

oso btw, can disable the music by default ar. later want to read ur blog at work how?

tenkiu very much