Thursday, December 20, 2007

one public holiday..

Remember I said my bitch dog gave birth to 6 bloodily cute puppies..
Don't ask me who's the dad?? I don't know... hahaha.. duh -_-

Lazy to elaborate. Pix will do.. hor?

after 1 week and 1 day..

I just got back from Sekinchan... visiting my aunty.. fidgeting with my nieces..
Dropped by at Pasir Penambang for some seafood dinner...
Err... I quite forgotten to snap some pics.. cos busy eating.. hehee..
Anyway this is the restaurant (below) that we normally go though..
Food not bad lar.. Price much reasonable than the neighbours.

See how my dad's white hair compliment his shirt.. hhehe..

I was so craving for tons of fooodd when I was sick few days back..
Though my tongue was so numb and so no appetite.. but omfg..
i really craving forrr... fridays, sushi, bah-kut-teh, seafood, steamboat..
thai food, dimsum, chicken wings, burgers, fries... ice-cream!!! doughnuts!! ahahahh...

Well.. i quite lucky terserempak with plans to eat bah-kut-teh this morning..
and seafood for dinner.. yum yummmyy...
more food crave to fulfill.. hehehe BUT
more weight to crash the scale.
Fuck. *rolled eyes*


Gotta hit the showers..
Tired like hell..
Tomorrow another day to work my ass off..

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