Friday, December 28, 2007

I need to diet already..

Holiday mood~ holiday mood~..
seriously in holiday mood..
Dunno why do everything and anything I did lately also kinda in-a-slow-motion..

And then feel like eating a lot.. maybe cos today pms a bit.
Eat as in not main heavy meals.. but just kept on nibbling.. like none stop..
Mom kept on say i'm like a siao pregnant lady, keep craving for food..
But secretly and seriously i a bit agree with her on that lar..
'cos i'll suddenly crave for bagels.. then if i couldn't get bagels anytime soon.. i'll go emo..
then when i get to eat.. I'll be like really happy like a stupid sick-ass-nutcase bird and start talking yakking none-stop bout how nice the food is n etc etc etc..
Damn dumb right??

And so.. i was craving for roti kosong tonight for supper..
and bloody I went and tapau and came back with 1 roti kosong, 1 roti telur and 2 naans.
Bodoh right?? Sibeh a lot man...
Now.. the roti kosong is NOwhere inside my tummy.. only half of garlic cheese naan..
My brother swallowed the whole roti telur..
Dad and sis swallowed the one and a quarter naans..
Roti kosong? sleeping in the fridge la now..

Don't ask me what naan is this.. all i know is that.. it's called Kashmir Naan..
I bought it because the waiter ask me to try lor.. and the illustration on the menu looks good..
The naan is "baked" stuffed with chopped almond.
The topping?? Banana, colourful jellies, more almond, raisins, sugary rice and honey..
Looks weird.. Taste damn weird.. No more 2nd time.

Anyway.. all these silly cravings and late makan-makan gonna stop soon..
when clock strikes 12am on 1 Jan 2008 welcoming another new year...
all these sinful attitudes gonna stop..
I'm already thinking of what my new year resolutions gonna be..
(which every year I failed to keep up with any one of those..)
So.. my first bloody strict new year MUST-DO resolution is..
"to change my eating habits and maintain a good diet.."

Don't laugh larr!!! -__-"
I hope can okay.. Need to shed some pounds off certain areas. Huge urge to DIET.
Blame the food.....!!!! and my unstoppable hole mouth!!!

OK ok.. take a deep breath... 3 days more to eat like a barbarian..
*fingers crossed*


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