Friday, December 07, 2007

some lunch and dinner

Aiks. I totally forgotten bout these pics until I checked on my cam just now.
These were taken last Sunday.. few days ago.. the next late afternoon after Poppy night.

Went Jusco BBK to makan lunch with ManYeeTheTallSister.
The face wrinkled up.. duno to define as kiddish or aunty-ish.. hahaha

"SIao CharBoohhh.. better get that saliva off my black pepper udon" I thought. -_-"


Sigh. Late dinner almost every night. CAN DIE man!!! CAN SIAO man!!!
Mostly dinner nowadays especially on weekdays are like.. after 9pm.
Today.. very blue moon today... so bloody blueeee until I got a call from SepetRay.
So surprising. Sure up to something one..
MEMANG betul.. he wanted to survey on digital cameras.. nasai..
The last time i met him was like Poppy in September before the Taiwan balik Taiwan.

Anyway we went for late late dinner around 9.45pm plus at Nandos Jusco BBK.
Sibeh not that nice lor.. though the food looked okay.. in a way.
So prefer KennyRogers more... Peri-peri very nice meh? liddat lar.. so-so only lar...
In their menu.. they letak.. Peri Chips and Old-Style-Chips or some-other-name..
I thought what so special.. mana tau.. *rolled eyes*
peri chips meaning just normal fries tambah Peri chilli powder nia.. nabeh..
Price also naik 2 bucks. Siao!

Idiot babi...
Thought he wouldn't snap.. mana tau betul-betul go snap..
Terkeluar this pix look so AUNTY!!!... *gerams*

Eh, after work ok.. Stress la me.. so you people there.. whaddaya expect lagi?

Work today very stress. Don't want talk about it.



money money cum said...

u kinda busy hor~ every meal with diff ppl... blek~! my picture really xiao za boh loh~!! send me poppy pics n xia za boh picz... tan Q vary muchi~

Michelle said...

hahahah... i haven get the pics yet... will send u when once i get it larrr!! eh miss u lar... faster come back!!

money money said...

if u miss me that much, then i will say " welcome to sabah~!!!" YEAH~! find me for seafood yah...