Saturday, December 29, 2007

shopping after a long long time

Was watching Norbit this morning..
It's funny but sibeh stupid..
Most of their jokes are sooo inside and indirectly funny in a way..

For example..
Pope Sweet Jesus: I object!!
Preacher: But you can't object yet.
Pope Sweet Jesus: Well I am objeculatin' prematurely then!


Get it? Idiot right? Hehehe..


Anyway.. Huaypin called me up during lunch today..
Ajak go shopping at MidValley..
The last time I went MidValley was like months ago..
Weather was so hot.. and so many people inside lar.. really people mountain people sea..
Luckily shopping was fruitful today.. for the both of us.. more for her though.. hehe..

I only bought..
- a red tube dress
- a pair of earrings
- a black pushup bra
- a dental floss
- a hair wax
- d'lish peppermint tea and sausage pastry
- 3 mexican buns

I want to buy heels & slippers!!! but couldn't find anything that I like..
So nabeh 1. Damn disappointing.

And hor.. I'm suffering from a bad bad bad headache now..
Gotta go shower and sleep soon.


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