Monday, December 10, 2007

work, eat, sleep... everyday..

Sleepy sleepy cool night..
I'm quite full at the moment..
thanks to si HuayPin..

Went for a late dinner + supper with HuayPin and KokHau..
Found our new hang-out place...
D'Bamboo at Bukit Tinggi.. Klang of course...
Used to be Little Asia Cafe... which sucks to the max..
New exotic concept and nice soothing yet hip environment.. good service..
Lousy menu with no pictures to tempt our tastebuds..
Food not bad.. price so-so.. Just kinda small portion..
No wonder that siao po Huay complained still hungry after her food...
We ordered wa-tan-hor, hokkien seafood mee, spicy dumpling and cheesy wedges...


Off to play poker with dad and siblings...
then sleep... rainy day.. nice to sleep..

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