Tuesday, March 31, 2009

long long sour sticks

guess how much i bought this today?
Tomato pretz giant sticks from a japanese convenience store in damas. Hehe

Only 3 bucks!!!! Haha
Good buy right?
Normal price is almost 30 bucks.
Nice office snack.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

some question

someone asked me this today..
"you're really not afraid of not getting your other half for the rest of your life at all huh?"

I was stunned. Speechless.
Ok. What do you expect me to say?
I mean. Seriously. *grunts*
I won't for the sake of desperate for TLC, i simply grab any guy tat is in front of me k.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hotel Azucar..another paradise

Came across these pix online..
Not bad huh?

It's a boutique hotel in Mexico.
Along Mexico´s Costa Esmeralda, near the small community of Monte Gordo, Veracruz.
Azucar, an intimate white-walled minimalist retreat that blends perfectly with its natural lush tropical surroundings.
So soothingly beautiful. Hmmmmm...

I opt for this open-air library. Hehe.
Nice just chilling there with fresh air, blue sky, green green grass..
reading a good book, having the peace in you. Sighh...

As how noted how the Mexican architects that designed this hotel, Azucar pays huge tribute to the people of Veracruz – colorful, cheerful “Jarochos” and their traditional passionate about their music, culture and history. *sobs* So meaningful ler. I want to go.

Outdoor shower "rooms".. hahha. *playful winks*
So kampung feel yet so serene..
is that word even suitable to use here? ahhahah no idea.

I opt for the pool or beach palapas too.
A serene and peaceful atmosphere is guaranteed.
Long walks may be enjoyed through their beautiful gardens or extensive beaches. Sky is really blueeeeee...

The rooms are very simple.
Somehow reminds me of Flintstones' cave. Hehe.
Just white white and a few timber furnitures..
And that's bout it. Guess you'll explore most of the areas in this hotel..
just back to your room to crash & wait for next morning. Heheh.

*shrieks* Twenty spacious bungalows. Twenty!!
Used to be sugar mills if not mistaken, are accented with colors!!
And regional materials such as red cedar, palm thatch and stones.
Very casual and sensual I find them. Complete intimacy feel.

If one day I'm rich.. and I still remember this hotel.
I will come.
I think.

Yes I think I will come.
At least let me dream okay.. aijerrr..

*hols pls*

Sunday, March 22, 2009

run for peace 2009

Run For Peace 2009.
We ran along with approx 6000 people this morning.
Four of us. Huaypin & me, KokHau and Alan.
Had a great time though we had to wake up like 5.30am in the morning.

For good cause and good health.
Enjoy. More pix in my facebook.

Peace peeps!!


Saturday, March 21, 2009

colourful "cheerful" paints

Due to my seldom postings.. I was pretty caught-up in work..
I took these pix from the sales office project i've been busy-ing with for months..
Well... disappointment. A huge one.

As you view the pix below..
Disclaimer: Pix below is heart-breaking.
Though we are the IDs.. end decision are made by that nosy client.
Crazy silly decision-makings. ARgh..
Understood the true meaning of cina-peks.

Alright... cut the crap.
Let's see the post today is about.. this playroom.
A space for the kids to lepak when the parents are busy loitering around the showhouses..
enquiring and yakking away...
Well, we proposed something very different from what you see below.
Total contrast... but he claimed... "ma fan" and "no budget"
Fine then. He said he settle the kids' playroom deco himself.
Fine with us too right? Save work.

They found two guys... no idea they're painter.. or cartoonist.. or pro or whatsoever..
around Serdang area.. Mines Wonderland Shopping Complex to be exact.
Hired them to draw for 2 days. 1 buck per sq ft.
He claims kids only like Mickey Mouse. He love saying, "I want Q Q things.." (Q=cute)

*rolled eyes*

So they drew him colorful Q Q "murals".
Ideas from those jigsaw puzzle you can buy off rack in supermarkets.

So did you spot anything unusual?? Ermmm unique... colourful? or Q Q??
Look not bad from far la hor...
Mai hiam beh pai lar... right??

What I don't understand is...
Which I don't really understand is...






Donald Duck cock eye 1 ar??

Wait... I mean..
All Donald Ducks cock-eye 1 ar????

These are not the only flaws we saw here. I just not pointing out all.
He said.. "Kids won't know so much thing anyway.."
Look I might sound like a bad ass... critizing artists' painting..
tho i think i can do better
Don't get me wrong.. I'm not against the painters..
I'm just furious with the client's decision.
Disappointed and pissed with him.
Old bafoonn.. ughh!!!
I did mention above 1 sq ft - 1 buck right?
These coloured pieces of walls cost approx 3k plus.

Worth a not??
Tell me what you think.
I really want to know.

End of the day. Client happy. Sudah.


the little red book that makes my fly

This red book.
Cost 300 bucks. Just to collect some stamps.
And well... allow you to fly here and there..
"kastam" here and there..
the official permit to go off local margins..

Yah.. what so special to blog bout this red book?
Why I post this pix up leh? Hmmmm

simply cos..
I FINALLY got this.. this book AFTER 24 years of living.

Geddit now???

so sad right?

Friday, March 20, 2009

twin girls

My puppies aged 1 month plus.
So nice to hold.. adorable..
Little puppies bark like chipmunks.. hehehhehe

So white with 3 black dots. *grins*

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

wonders of wonder

Have you ever wonder how some things just easily slipped off your hands...
simply when you're really desperate or possessive over it..
And have you ever wonder some things just ain't letting you go...
though you just really don't give much eff about it at all...
Why some things just can't go how we want them to..
Why would they want to go the opposite track.. just goddamn the bloody contrasting way..
Things you want them to go.. they just won't go..
Things you want them to come.. they just bloody won't show up.. Argh!
Why? Why life's full of unwanted drama?

Been hella busy lately.
Working two weekends straight.
Literally my weekends = weekdays now.
I so feel like wanting a real workless Saturday and Sunday.
I want some "ONLY ME" time.


Friday, March 13, 2009


Friday the thirteentthhhhhhh... WoooOOoooooo =P

I got my phone...!!
Nyeh nyeh nyehhhhh!!~~ ehhehehehhe
*dissolves in a heap of indescribable laughter*

Oh craps... work tomorrow. Sunday too.
Two weekends gone down the drain d.

Friday, March 06, 2009

How nice of you, Johnny..

Dinner at Johnny's with Winnie last week.
We ordered 1 person portion of tomyam steamboat..
and this Omelette Prawn & Chicken w/ Plain Rice.
Looks appetizing and duh.. cheap right?? (pix below)
Though they were only RM6.90.. they won't be thaaaat different right?

I'm just okay okay with Johnny's. Not quite of a big fan of them.
Oh well but only them.. that serve tomyam in Jusco BBK.
Winnie is a huge big-ass FAN of TomYam stuff... so..
Anyway.. we were sorta enjoying our meal, talking n chatting over our tomyam soups.

Oh yea.. we were talking too much that.. ermm.. what did I order??

Oops.. This?? You sure... What's this?

Yeah.. my omelette rice..
Nice garnishing ONLY on the rice.. wow..
At least la.. do something with the wrapped-up..
Looks like some.. ermm.. napkin or wet tissue fold-up..

WOW.. So so so.. *speechless*
We were BOTH speechless.. like..
Alright.. it's omelette alright.. Eat lor.

Tastewise.. very very very below normal.
Silly of us to order right?

Never mind.
Moral of the story... like REAL moral..
Pix can tell a thousand words..
Kindly "filter" the words k..
Might be good.. might be bad..

Try your luck then. *thumbs up*


Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I can still recall..

I am tired.
Somehow this song comforts me... somewhere something..
well somehow...


I like that version more.
Somehow... some way.. some where.. it draws me to the song..
Maybe on how they start the song..
or maybe those hot mature men

Memories that remain.. ~~


Sunday, March 01, 2009

100% girls' "problem"

"This will so be my wedding dress.." Winnie told me this soooo frequent.
"I want to wear this on my wedding day.." She repeat over and over again.

My answer to her always comes in 2 words..
"Yah yah..", "Ok ok", "I know" or "Shut up!!"

Hahaha... My crazy super feisty friend since primary school.
Still giggling and laughing none stop.
With her, it's like never growing up.. Super like Siao-Po(s)..

Anyway that gown was at her window display.
Yes she owns a make up school and bridal boutique.
Yes with photography services..
Yes she's the lady boss with her partner.
And yes.. she's an artistic director as her name card says.. and an image consultant.

** Make-Up **

that's her in red.

** Bridal **

And guess what she added in lately..

** Manicure Pedicure **

And facial too.. din manage to snap any pix. My bad.
Anyway... i'm not ADVERTISING okay.. (cos i got ntg to post up recently..hehe)
Just posting up some pix I took at her place when I was 'busy' loitering there.. hehhehe
Don't think she realised it though..

ANYWAY.. she was busy pestering me to get married so she can "service" me.
Ohhhh gawdddddddd.... out of our 10 conversation.. 8 of them will start with..
"Eh when you want to get married??? Faster larh... Old d.."

So buggerly of her rightt... Nabeh.
Then she went, "Still no bf arrrr??? I intro laaaa..."
Then she named some baboons and monkeys....

SO really nabeh.
Ok gotta hit the sack.
Work tomorrow.. this bloody weekend that is so not weekend..
SOOOOOO feel like weekday. Ugh.