Saturday, March 21, 2009

colourful "cheerful" paints

Due to my seldom postings.. I was pretty caught-up in work..
I took these pix from the sales office project i've been busy-ing with for months..
Well... disappointment. A huge one.

As you view the pix below..
Disclaimer: Pix below is heart-breaking.
Though we are the IDs.. end decision are made by that nosy client.
Crazy silly decision-makings. ARgh..
Understood the true meaning of cina-peks.

Alright... cut the crap.
Let's see the post today is about.. this playroom.
A space for the kids to lepak when the parents are busy loitering around the showhouses..
enquiring and yakking away...
Well, we proposed something very different from what you see below.
Total contrast... but he claimed... "ma fan" and "no budget"
Fine then. He said he settle the kids' playroom deco himself.
Fine with us too right? Save work.

They found two guys... no idea they're painter.. or cartoonist.. or pro or whatsoever..
around Serdang area.. Mines Wonderland Shopping Complex to be exact.
Hired them to draw for 2 days. 1 buck per sq ft.
He claims kids only like Mickey Mouse. He love saying, "I want Q Q things.." (Q=cute)

*rolled eyes*

So they drew him colorful Q Q "murals".
Ideas from those jigsaw puzzle you can buy off rack in supermarkets.

So did you spot anything unusual?? Ermmm unique... colourful? or Q Q??
Look not bad from far la hor...
Mai hiam beh pai lar... right??

What I don't understand is...
Which I don't really understand is...






Donald Duck cock eye 1 ar??

Wait... I mean..
All Donald Ducks cock-eye 1 ar????

These are not the only flaws we saw here. I just not pointing out all.
He said.. "Kids won't know so much thing anyway.."
Look I might sound like a bad ass... critizing artists' painting..
tho i think i can do better
Don't get me wrong.. I'm not against the painters..
I'm just furious with the client's decision.
Disappointed and pissed with him.
Old bafoonn.. ughh!!!
I did mention above 1 sq ft - 1 buck right?
These coloured pieces of walls cost approx 3k plus.

Worth a not??
Tell me what you think.
I really want to know.

End of the day. Client happy. Sudah.


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