Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hotel Azucar..another paradise

Came across these pix online..
Not bad huh?

It's a boutique hotel in Mexico.
Along Mexico´s Costa Esmeralda, near the small community of Monte Gordo, Veracruz.
Azucar, an intimate white-walled minimalist retreat that blends perfectly with its natural lush tropical surroundings.
So soothingly beautiful. Hmmmmm...

I opt for this open-air library. Hehe.
Nice just chilling there with fresh air, blue sky, green green grass..
reading a good book, having the peace in you. Sighh...

As how noted how the Mexican architects that designed this hotel, Azucar pays huge tribute to the people of Veracruz – colorful, cheerful “Jarochos” and their traditional passionate about their music, culture and history. *sobs* So meaningful ler. I want to go.

Outdoor shower "rooms".. hahha. *playful winks*
So kampung feel yet so serene..
is that word even suitable to use here? ahhahah no idea.

I opt for the pool or beach palapas too.
A serene and peaceful atmosphere is guaranteed.
Long walks may be enjoyed through their beautiful gardens or extensive beaches. Sky is really blueeeeee...

The rooms are very simple.
Somehow reminds me of Flintstones' cave. Hehe.
Just white white and a few timber furnitures..
And that's bout it. Guess you'll explore most of the areas in this hotel..
just back to your room to crash & wait for next morning. Heheh.

*shrieks* Twenty spacious bungalows. Twenty!!
Used to be sugar mills if not mistaken, are accented with colors!!
And regional materials such as red cedar, palm thatch and stones.
Very casual and sensual I find them. Complete intimacy feel.

If one day I'm rich.. and I still remember this hotel.
I will come.
I think.

Yes I think I will come.
At least let me dream okay.. aijerrr..

*hols pls*

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