Tuesday, March 17, 2009

wonders of wonder

Have you ever wonder how some things just easily slipped off your hands...
simply when you're really desperate or possessive over it..
And have you ever wonder some things just ain't letting you go...
though you just really don't give much eff about it at all...
Why some things just can't go how we want them to..
Why would they want to go the opposite track.. just goddamn the bloody contrasting way..
Things you want them to go.. they just won't go..
Things you want them to come.. they just bloody won't show up.. Argh!
Why? Why life's full of unwanted drama?

Been hella busy lately.
Working two weekends straight.
Literally my weekends = weekdays now.
I so feel like wanting a real workless Saturday and Sunday.
I want some "ONLY ME" time.


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