Sunday, March 01, 2009

100% girls' "problem"

"This will so be my wedding dress.." Winnie told me this soooo frequent.
"I want to wear this on my wedding day.." She repeat over and over again.

My answer to her always comes in 2 words..
"Yah yah..", "Ok ok", "I know" or "Shut up!!"

Hahaha... My crazy super feisty friend since primary school.
Still giggling and laughing none stop.
With her, it's like never growing up.. Super like Siao-Po(s)..

Anyway that gown was at her window display.
Yes she owns a make up school and bridal boutique.
Yes with photography services..
Yes she's the lady boss with her partner.
And yes.. she's an artistic director as her name card says.. and an image consultant.

** Make-Up **

that's her in red.

** Bridal **

And guess what she added in lately..

** Manicure Pedicure **

And facial too.. din manage to snap any pix. My bad.
Anyway... i'm not ADVERTISING okay.. (cos i got ntg to post up recently..hehe)
Just posting up some pix I took at her place when I was 'busy' loitering there.. hehhehe
Don't think she realised it though..

ANYWAY.. she was busy pestering me to get married so she can "service" me.
Ohhhh gawdddddddd.... out of our 10 conversation.. 8 of them will start with..
"Eh when you want to get married??? Faster larh... Old d.."

So buggerly of her rightt... Nabeh.
Then she went, "Still no bf arrrr??? I intro laaaa..."
Then she named some baboons and monkeys....

SO really nabeh.
Ok gotta hit the sack.
Work tomorrow.. this bloody weekend that is so not weekend..
SOOOOOO feel like weekday. Ugh.



backStreetGluttons said...

Getting married soon eh ? How sweet !
But you haven't even met us yet , so cannot !

Michelle said...

for the millionthhhh time.. i'm not getting married.. ahhaha no one wan to marry me... i'm still waiting to meet u guys.. lol =)