Saturday, February 28, 2009

let's get married!!! but with who??

Few weeks ago, I attended both my good friends' weddings on the same night.
Both are my friends. Both married each other.. So attended both their wedding lor.
Hahaha *grins* I'm sooo lame.

Anyway... the dinner was at Shaw Parade, KL.
Vegetarian table. Another vegan wedding dishes after Nat's.
Not bad. Having fun figuring out what they eventually use to replace the poultry dishes.

Pretty sweet bride trying to pop her champagne. *winks*
My dear Phoenix. Standing "tall" in red. Hehehehee

Couldn't quite get it popped...
Her hubby, Real-Tall-Kelvin so so sayang her..
So jealous.. where's the guy that will so sayang me????

The UCSI bunch that attended.
Oh well, wish them all the best..
Shall their new chapter of life begins with great love and happiness...

And again.. I'm jealous.
Big time.



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