Friday, February 20, 2009

Bathroom can sometimes be quite a comforting place..

I came across this image online today. Hmmm...

Not bad, right?
I like the color and the simplicity of the wash basin and counter... and...
and that window tastefully decorated with just a few twigs in a clear vase..
Sometimes decoration do not have to be that heavy..
Just keep it simple and let the colors and textures portray themselves out..
Shine baby shinee!!

Hence it's nice.. but not quite my type of bathroom..
Somehow I felt it's quite "cold" and hard... hhhmm.. or kinda a lil' masculine..
I want my bathroom to be warm.. and inviting..
Yes I meant "inviting"... I come home to relax.. if can.. spend some time in my bathroom "cleansing" my soul body and de-stressing my mind.. *grins*

I quite like this.. (above).. well, if it blends with your overall look of your house..
Nice pastel colors, modern in a way bringing a hint of classical alongside..
The oval mirrors very nicely "reflects" the same oval undercounter wash basin...
If this is my washroom.. I would want it to be like.. ermm...
A long long rectangle mirror across the whole counter would be nice...
For girls, the bigger the mirror the better right??? I know you all agree..
Guys nowadays.... love their reflection more than how girls do.. Meterosexuals...

This. Very typical modern bathroom design and colors. What most clients wants nowadays.
Not bad actually. Clean cut, gloss finish, long countertop ceramic wash basin..
Black featured, white all over.. all-edged WC... (see at far left, near the paper roll)
which means not our typical oval shaped WC la..
which I feel rectangle WC quite hard to adjust to different sizes of ass'es. Hahaha..
I don't mind this anyway... just don't quite like tat black color thingy across.. =(
I think I'll get bored of this bathroom pretty fast if it were to be MINE....

Speaking of WC... which stands for wash closet..
if those of you DO NOT KNOW... WC means the pix below.. *glances down*
A scary looking one...
Silly right? AHahhahaHAhaha.... Some people just wayyy tooo freee...

This ain't that scary.... just maybe a little uneasy to sit on to shit...
in case of you worrying your ass being bitten off.. hhahahha..

Wait till you see this pix below.. ahahhaha

Guys.. willing to pee into some nun's erm... wherever you're suppose to aim at..
Evil joke hor.. to those who came up with this idea... oh gosh.. seriously.. SINFUL LOR!!!

As sinful as me standing inside a chocolate shop yesterday....
Bloodyyyy salivating over all the dark chocolate bars.


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