Friday, February 13, 2009

one again tomorrow

It's been awhile.
Pretty awhile to be exact.
2 years plus to be really exact.
Guess 3 years is the definite answer.

Been 3 years. Spent S.A.D every year.
Not that I'm sad or anything..
I just don't quite understand "love" anymore.

Like how singles will say...
"Waste of money.. kena "tiok" ar.. have to plan in advance.. bodoh 1.. so mafan.. etc etc etc of never-ending insults comments... for valen's day."

Like how couples will say..
"Aww.. so sweet and romantic.. I love you, you love me.. forever n ever.."

I somehow don't quite fancy Valen's Day eventhough I was with my exes last time.
To me, you don't have to show your love or shower us with gifts only on Valen's Day...
To me again, I just think that Valen's Day is sorta like a.. "join-in-the-fun-day-since-everyone-is-doing-it"...

is for everyday.
Not just specially for a day where some people specifically picks a date to it.

No. I'm not trying to be pathetic here..
But I really think that.
Fine fine... if you "frame" me so... yahyah..
you think i'm simply jealous 'cos I'm not attached..
Yah yah.. nyeh nyeh..

To those who are emo.. darn emo bout being alone... this phrase is dedicated to you..
"One way to keep your sanity at Valentine's Day is to think of it as a day of love and not specifically couples. Concentrate on sharing your love with family members, friends or strangers because Valentine's Day should not be just about couples."

BUT I am happy with me now.

Happy celebrating singles awareness day!!!..
where single people gather to celebrate or to commiserate in their single status right???
Right?? Get it???

Still feeling very single?? Ok ok click *here* then...

Hey.. Let's make love..

Make the love dough above lar...
What you thinking??? tsk tsk..
*shakes head*

i'm lonely.. a bit but still am..

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backStreetGluttons said...

You are right ! so lets love and make love , tomorrow...