Thursday, February 19, 2009

showhouse is just for "showing"

What I've been busy with lately...
2 showhouses and 1 kinda-a-lil-too-big sales office..

Window? No window? Window again? No window...
Never ending "opinions" from the client..
Suka-suka tukar.. suka-suka sumbat.. suka-suka hack..
Well well.. guess this is what my field is all about... Amendments!!
Anyway not that I'm complaining.. used to it d.. *weak grin*
just wonder how so very indecisive that fella can be..

Well, I hope all can turned out good.
If he hadn't change a thing.. stick to our original proposals.. *grunts*
it will definitely be hella good..
But alas, *fingers crossed* everything must go all well and good..

Bless me yah!! hehehe..
will post up pix after project handover..


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