Wednesday, December 31, 2008

new year = new beginning perhaps?

One last day.
31'st December today.

What should i do tonight?
Let's poppy'fied ourselves then.
Some say MOS'sified =)
See u guys either sana or situ...

let's have a blast counting down the seconds!!

hope next year will be a great year.
*fingers crossed*

mixed emotion

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

my bonny lies over the ocean~~

i miss.. so therefore i sulk...
here goes...

i miss bonny.
bonny no care me d.
bonny no more my good friend.
bonny no more silly random craps.
bonny so so so workaholic.
bonny is in my speed dial that i no longer call.
or i call but no one pick up.
this is so sad bonny.
bonny care me la.
bonny pick up my calls la.
bonny unfair.
bonny bias.
i wan my happy bonny bonny back.
with no the stress wrinkled face.
witty witty minded bonny.

bonny ..... -_-

ok.. i need to work.
so therefore i stop for now.

but lastly.... BONNY!!! come back~~~~


Monday, December 29, 2008

scissors me again

i cropped my hair.
bob cut short.
dyed in some color i can't define.
Pix coming up soon.

i hope.


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Donnie Yen = Ip Man = AWESOME!!

It's been dead long since I last reviewed on a hot guy movie..
But I could not NOT review this movie...
To me, it's 5 outta 5 stars. Hella GOOD movie.
Movie of the year. I must say. Martial art movie of the "forever"..
No Martial Art movie can catch my attention this much other than this.

I'm going to so sound like an outgrown teenager drooling horribly as you read.
I just can't help it. Oh forgive me, you beautiful people..
I'm so not in my right mind. *sobs*
Not willing to come back to reality. I want the Donnie in the movie so much

Oh gosh. 葉問 !!!!
I'm still "trembling" after watching IP Man twice.
Watched it in the theater with HuayPin twice in 2 days.
It was way cooler than any other martial art movie. (plot *here*)
Made us believe in the character of Yip Man.. I wiki-ed him *here*

Who to play the role of this legendary Wing Chun master none other than....
*drools drools* the perfect Donnie Yen?
I mean he LIVES the character. Played the role oh-so real. *awe*
Check out the article *here*

I really like him more than Jet Li or Jackie Chan.
For the first time, I went kinda overboard gaga-gugu over him in this movie.
He was so darn perfect. Too bad for me to realise it now. Lagi OLD, lagi MAN ok!!
His looks, his stamina, his force, his talent, his likable face. Hahahaha...

Anyway back to the story, 70% of the movie IS real.
Ending of the script was kinda made up but still believable.
Donnie Yen worrr... So resemble the great Yip Man. SO influential.
Watch him here below on what he had to say on playing the role of his life.

Watch the other footage *here*, *here* and *here*!!
The making damn sooo real. No stuntman.. fast, swift and... *speechless*
Emotionless face, damn smooth moves, very very swift actions.. MAN MAN MAN!!
I like the act where he repeatedly punches his nemesis.. damn cool wey...
He NEVER learn Wing Chun Martial Arts before...
and look how quick he learned and portrayed the spirit of the martial art. Talent!!!

Aiyah.. I'm just still so bloody excited over the movie and Donnie. *grins*
Guess what?!?!.. *shrieks over-excitedly*
there might be a PART 2 where they show how Bruce Lee got influenced by Yip Man.
Yah yah.. Bruce Lee was once of Yip Man's great disciple.

*jumps around*
Pssst.. I don't mind watching the THIRD time. Really!!
Love this way much more than Jet Li's "Once upon a time in China(s)"...
Date me? Anyone? C'mon~

Love Donnie

Thursday, December 25, 2008

happy five?

I screams, "Happy Birthday my bloggiee!!!!"

Happy birthday + anniversary to my blog!!~
Been 5 years... my lucky number!! ehehe
(check out last year's and bygones bygones... *here*)
and it's CHRISTMAS!!!!

Merry Christmas!!!
Luv ya'll..

hugs and tons of kisses.
*hugs herself*

bore myself today

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

japanese to korean...

Funny thing.
I just realized that all the food pix that I wanted post up today..
My food-partner-in-crime is none other than my beloved colleague, Priscilla.
Hehehe.. So coincidence.

Anyway... first stop...
Chuka Zanmai at Hartamas Shopping Center..
or Plaza Damas whichever you want to call it..

We were at site, waiting for furniture drop-offs..
and missed our lunch time..
Had our lunch like around 2.30 pm here...
Nobody was there... half hour and we're done.

Set comes with shredded chicken and fried dumplings. Not bad.
Priscilla ordered her favourite rice tea.
Her choice for that day was mixed vegetable noodles.

Bento Chicken Set with scrambled eggs.
It looked great though but I hated it!!
I hate wet rice.. or soupy rice..
I like my rice dry.. no no horrifying floody gravy all over my rice.
My chicken fillet was like floating on the soupy rice... bleughhhh...
So potong stim~

Chuka Zanmai = Sushi Zanmai
But Chuka's food really disturbing....
Somehow I find Sushi Zanmai much more appealing than Chuka.

Click *here* for my previous Sushi Zanmai visit.


Next stop!! Izakaya Ichiban, also in Hartamas Shopping Center. =)
We're quite frequent here for lunch.
Nice lunch set for only 18 bucks..
complete with Chawamushi, fruits, 2 main dish with rice, salad and soup.

That night.. we were here for dinner!! First time. Excited? No?
We left office by 6pm sharp.. drop in here for dinner....
and... and head back to office to continue work.
WORK ok!!! WORK!!!!! *sulks*

We started with a complimentary starter... 'cauliflower with mayo'...

Salmon Skin Salad... (above)
This is darn good.. crispy crispyyy..
Priscilla was grooving on her seat with a little too much joy.. ahhaha
I like this too.. around 16 or 18 bucks i think..
Darn my memory goin down the drain.. *sobs*

Priscilla's Salmon Rice, which made her "glee" again.. hehehe
Luckily we were seated.. if not.. she'll go jumping jumping..

"After a long long day of hard work... stress..."
then she paused.. and let out a long sigh...
"we should pamper ourselves with gooooood fooodddd!!"
"EAT EAT EAT!!! help yourself.. don't malu malu yah..."
hahaha she really made me laugh sometimes with her actions & expressions.. LOL

My dinner set. Yummy lor.
So many things to eat.. very good teriyaki chicken...
I can't really eat other things tat night.. mostly were beef..
Not in the mood for salmon or sushi... so i randomly choose this set lor...
and it turned out greatt...
or mayb i've got a great crazy companion that night... hehehe..

Izakaya Ichiban is slightly pricey but I think it's all worth it.
So much better than Chuka Zanmai.


Eh Japanese food so frequent.. must change to Korean a bit also right?
This was... SAME LOR!!!
Leave office by 6.30pm then go EAT then go back office to WORK lor!!
Work like until 10pm lor!!! or mayb just 9... *shrugs*

Anyway.... third stop at Daorae Garden Korean BBQ. (my previous visit *click*)
We did not order BBQ simply 'cos minimum order is 2 BBQ sets.
Didn't want to eat that much and we couldn't finish both the sets either.
So we ordered Korean Rice Cake with Spicy Sauce... and Kimchi Soup with rice.

Many many side dishes... i thought we'll only have it if we order the BBQ's...
Mana tau.. we'll get it too as long as we order FOOD.
Refillable. Good. Nice. Like it A LOT!!
All these little dishes made me super full d. Can't really flood my kimchi soup in. *winks*

I like this place a lot.
Nice ambience. Nice food. Good looking Koreans.


I love Fridays compared to Chillis or The Coast or Italiannies..
Somehow I rather prefer Fridays more. Don't ask me why...
I'm still finding out... =P

YES after another day of long work.
This time we finished our work-of-the-day.. *gags*
THEN only we had our dinner at Hartamas Shopping Center again..

TGIF opened a new outlet here.
Good crowd. Happy hour, happy dinner, happy people, so therefore happy me.

We took the dinner set. *click*
We shared the Fried Mac & Cheese...

Roma Chicken Cutlet

Chicken & Shrimp Diablo...
fancy this dish.. simply cos i [heart] shrimps... hehehe

and super rich dessert of Chocolate Malt Cake.

Who can resist?
Definitely not the both of us.
Need not to be on Friday to feel like a Friday.


Merry Xmas everyone!!
I did not move my ass out tonight. No plans.
Just came back from grocery-shopping at Tesco.
Blogging now and soon to rest.

Will be celebrating anniversary a birthday tomorrow.
My blog turning 5.
5 freaking years.
Din realize it has been this long since I started blogging for the last 5 Christmas.

Luv ya. XOXO

p/s: did you realise there food outlets are all in Hartamas Area??/ hehehe

till tomorrow.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

the "dough-balls" day!!

"Happy Dong Dong Day!!" I greeted my sister this morning.
"Let's go dong-dong k." She looked at me like I'm alienated or smtg.

Ben called. "Celebrate d?"
I replied.. "Yeah.. dong this morning d. Going to dong again tonight.. hehe"

Yeah... Today is Dong Zhi. 冬至. Eat 湯圓 a lot a lot.
Another reunion of the Chinese Tradition?
Been working late nights lately.. only then I realized the meaning of like reunion dinner.
I never took it seriously before 'cos we whole family eat everyday together.
Like almost every meal until I started working late nights.
So it was never quite a big deal of reunion dinner thing.
But now it had been 2 weeks, I did not sit on the same table eating with them.
Gawddd then I realized how much I miss the moments..
Silly huh? *grins*

Mommy made the dough. Coloured the pink.
All of us sitting in front of the tv last night rolling them up..


*work again*

Saturday, December 20, 2008

i'm "missed" or "missing" ???

Coming right up!!
We're going Japan!!
I mean, we're going all Japanese fooddd...

Stay tuned!!! *going kitchen digging for food*
Pix make me craves.

sleepy like hell

Friday, December 19, 2008

so what if he's an elderly?

I want a new car.
I thought I can have a new car.
Wish not granted at all. *swears*

Not one slight chance.

All because of 1 useless lazy mf old man..
who sadly happens to have a little blood relation with me
So old yet so irresponsible. Only know how to complain bout things.
Never been to any family gatherings or celebrations.
Only once he went, and he stirred things up. Crap.

I really wonder why he's so nothing good? Cow brain.
Never seen him do one right thing before in my life.
Not this life anyway.

This kind of people no need give face 1.
I won't want to face him anymore. Won't even want greet him.
Nothing to look up on. Nothing to look upon on.

paria him

Thursday, December 18, 2008

i'm drunk with emotions

Been so so so so so busy lately. *grunts*
Most working nights are late...
not that I'm complaining... i'm enjoying work and challenges soon to face....
just hope everything will run smoothly...

The last time I stepped into a mall was... oh.. I can't remember. *grins*
Darnit. Been centuries since I last shopped.
Yah yah.. the term "centuries" was kinda exaggerating but it sure feels like it.
Hahhaha *winks*
Nevertheless, I couldn't stop myself from ONLINE shopping. No kidding!!

I bought several dresses, heels & accessories from some online boutiques lately.
And they fit like a fiddle. Total trustable.
(psst... Duh..Obviously read their testimonials first la..)

Where girls can shop anywhere, anytime by just doing some clicking with our...
our... err.. perfect manicured fingers. How convenient. Hahahaha agree???

Beverley and her friend, Caronne have this jeweleries online blog.
Drunk with Emotions
Portraying and selling off truly unique gorgeous pieces.
I think their workmanship is great. Look at the details babes...
Pretty color combination, matching textures and good quality materials used.
You won't see yourself "coming and going".... get what i mean??
*shakes head* Sigh. you horrr.....
Means you won't see everyone wearing the same jeweleries as you everywhere laa..

Damn nice right??
Look at this pearly bracelet above. Love the color.
PURPLE is SO my colour. Matched perfectly with her pastel pink.
So feel it around my wrist now.. Hahahaha...

For guys that hate shopping... This is your good chance.
This is a great site where you can get wonderful gifts for you girlfriends...
sisters, mothers, wives and anyone who loves pieces as such. *click*

The best is... Drunk With Emotions is having Christmas Sale!!!
up to 30%
Grab it all peeps!!! *click*

A Special Christmas sale of up to 30% discount for any of the items chosen.
Come grab something a necklace, earrings, or bracelet for that special someone.
Packaging is included so you lazy guys don't have to worry about present-wrapping.

Simply drop them an email at:

Postage and delivery fee to the minimal.
Their gorgeous pieces can be also found for purchase at:

Bling Boutique,

74A, 1st Floor, Jalan SS15/4D, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

What else yah?? hmmm.... KINDLY just drop them an email and inquire.
You won't regret. Trust me.

They're great girls, great personality, great design-pieces.



Saturday, December 13, 2008

PJ Hilton Christmas Train again~

PJ Hilton Christmas Train Project pix as promised.
Scroll it all down and simply just enjoy. *winks*
Everything from one end to the other all done by UCSI Architecture Dept.
Only lightings and wirings by UCSI Engineering Dept.

Why it is called PJ Hilton's Train Project because...
- they gave us 25k to build this thing up??...
which i think ended up all our effort and hard work worth much more than that.
- because it is to "exhibit" at PJ Hilton's lobby??...
- they din even give a damn to us on that day. Heartless.

More in my facebook. Links at the end of this post.

Spot any of your favourite christmas shots?

You can get more images from my facebook.
Uploaded two albums.
- In-the-making *click*
- Completed. *click*

And yes, the trains can run on its tracks with sound effects too.

Christmas came early to me this year.
Work stress levelling up.
Celebration feel all gone.
Can't wait for the long holidays.
Till then.