Wednesday, January 09, 2008

sushi-ed myself tonight with mom

*edited version*

Mom's lunar birthday today.
I din know till she told me.. I only remembered her English date.
Can't really keep-date with lunar calendars.. *blushes* sorry.. my bad.

So funny.. she called me during work today..
"Hello... working ar?? So what you want to buy me for dinner tonight?"
I was like.. huh?? No dinner tonight ar at home??
"Today is my birthday.. lunar.. so japanese food k? you owe me 1.. he-he-he.."
Hahhaha.. i mean she seriously he-he-he... so funny...
"Ok ok lar.. samo got ppl so biao-ba (don't wan face) purposely call to ask me blanja 1.. hahha.. wanna wait till i get home first or wat??"
"We meet you at sunway la then.. will tell ur daddy later.."
"Ok.. no probs.."
"Eh.. you know something??"
"I'm very hungry now.. remember to bring money ya tonight.. i don't wanna wash plate.."


So.. met them at Sunway Pyramid.
At first was thinking to makan at Rakuzen, Plaza Damas at Hartamas... near workplace..
but too far for them to come all the way here.. and lagi.. sure jam like hell..
so Zanmai (upstairs KimGary) was a good choice then..

Need not me to name the food right? Typical enough.. hehehe..
simply 'cos i'm lazy to think back..
there were other food too.. just that.. din't snap much of it..
'cos busy talking and eating.. *blek*

Took a quick snap outta Zanmai's window.
Rainy night. Sunway 'gerbang'.. Lousy colours..
Yucks.. don't like it.. too colorful in a way that it's hard for u to concentrate on something..
No focal point. Eyes all over the place.. for that entire street till the hotel.. blehhh..

Food was good. Family company was great.
The bill was okay, came about 209 bucks, considering we did eat a lot n tapau too~
Full full.. nice to sleep.. *yawnnnnn*
AIKS.. damn genuine pig attitude...
Sei lorrr...



hungry yvonne said...

i dont care,when i balik,i want to oder exactly the same food u ordered.....i miss sussshhhiiiii!!!

Michelle said...

hahaha so faster come back lar..

team bsg said...

Sooooo at looooong last we have succulent food food food from you !

Happy Birthday to MOM !

Michelle said...

hahah sorry lor team bsg..
i seldom eat this much much food okay.. lol..