Sunday, January 13, 2008

bubbly chubby fatty pumpkin-face


I just cropped my hair yesterday..
or should i say trimmed it??
No no.. not trim.. 'cos I felt.. butchered
Hair super short now.. stylist said gotta "funk" it up..
Siao lang.. make my face so rounddddd.. round round round.. Argh!!

It doesn't look thaaat bad here 'cos it was all styled up..
but *groans* look a bit cacated la i feel when everything is down n flat..

So i got bored and kinda lose confidence with this bloody new cut..
that i kinda feel rounded with puffiness and rounded and rounded..
damn round la my face now.. chubby kills..
how to make face fats go away?? I mean seriously.. i'm wondering that..
don't tell me liposuction or wat not la.. that's B-O-D-O-H..

Cam-whore activated~~

Damn lansi look hor above..
I naik-miang a bit.. hahahahha can't help it..
Lack of kisses lately.. *winks*


Scare boh?

hehehhehe... i feel someone particular is cursing me now.. *laughs*
just fidgeting with photoshop.. freaky huh??
I was freaked out too.. hahahaha..
Shit man.. i feel so air head.. *giggles*

What a boring Sunday..
Drowning myself in facebook now...
Downloading some mp3..
Think i gonna suffocate myself in a book I bought lately..
well.. eventhough it's a teenage girls novel.... but.. it's nice LAR..

The Vampire Diaries, The Awakening and The Struggle *click for review*
20% off member price.. not bad.. thick and worth it.. gonna get Book 2 soon...
Best of all.. it's so my kind of books to read other that real people real stories...
Love dark romance.. lol.. though it's imaginary and fake..
but well.. i need some happy imagination lately.. *grins*
Boost up my creative buds.. hahaha

"He was weak. His pupils dilated, his lips parted.
"It's all right," she whispered.
His mouth was cool and dry as it touched her throat.
His hand cupped the back of her neck as his lips sought into the two little punctures.
Elena willed herself not to recoil at the brief sting of pain.
Then she smiled.. "


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yvonne tang said...

stupid idiot.....
made ur own photo looked so dam ugly and dam funny......
nvm,i think i prefer you to look this you more!!!!

Michelle said...

kaiqing - for real?

yvonne - idiot.. i know u laughed like shit yesterday okaay... hahahhaha nothing to do mar.. sunday afternoon so boring.. hahhahaa...