Monday, January 28, 2008

Old Chulan King Street

Tomorrow night - Company Annual Dinner
Tomorrow tomorrow night - Client's Annual Dinner
Tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow night - JunJien's wedding.
Eat none stop. Waistline bursting.


Had my site analysis presentation between Chulan and PJTC this morning.
Conclusion came to as we will be using PJTC as our new design site.

Tired tired. Need to sleep soon though i slept like 2 hours plus this afternoon..
I slept at 4am last night mann.. Beh tahan.. -_-


This was the 2nd site we (the same people) went to.. like.. last Saturday morning...
Jalan Raja Chulan, Kuala Lumpur.

I never really realised this row of abandoned shophouses by the main road.
Very easy to spot.. but somehow they just didn't pulled my eyes off road.
Next to a big empty land that so-called used as carpark now..
8 units of old Chinese shophouses.. (Good view of KL Tower. Very very near.. TALL..)
Old, tore-down, not taken care of.. All plants and shits inside a few units.. Stinks. Scary.
Not all abandoned I think.. maybe 1 or 2 still occupied by really old people i guess..
Nice meaningful architecture.. something seldom you will see anymore..

Nothing much to crap on these shophouses though.
So just view the pix k.

hehe.. me and Iwan's head.
My head looked like a pili bomba here.. nasai 1.. Bad angle taken.

One thing i like about old buildings with carvings, cornices, colonial look and all..
They really look good in pix though the real building look like shit.. i mean abandoned ones.
Convert to b/w lagi got feel. *grins*

Well, after site.. we went to Pizza Hut near Times Sq for lunch..
and discussed over what to do for Monday as in today's presentation..
Tess picked me up at The Curve that morning... I parked there..
as usual.. I LAZY and HATE to drive to KL.. lagi-lagi the weather so f*cked-up.

Somehow their CNY decoration did NOT attract me at all...
So laaaaaa...

So went jalan-jalan at the flea market.. bought some trinkets and accessories.
Went in MNG.. saw a nice dress.. colourful, main colours are beige and purple..
IDIOT. NO SIZE.... Left XS and L. Where's my M???
SHIT marn... I gave up shopping for cny clothes d. Darn.



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