Monday, January 07, 2008


Happy birthday to the OLDDD haggg!!!
everytime say i'm older.. hmph!! 1 year only mar.. sheeeshhh... *grumpy*
no lar no lar.. today her birthday.. must give face a bit..
so here goess.. *ahem aheamm... screams*

I like this pix. Hehe..
below - that chick with her "biscuit-chop" brother..
(huh?? what is biscuit-chop ar?? err.. say that in cantonese..
hmmm.. get it now? haha.. she taught me tat..)


Went lunch with them both this afternoon after class.
yes yes.. new sem starts. Sucks huh? *frowns*
Anyway.. met her at Sunway Pyramid for lunch at Zanmai..
Talked talked talked.. yap yap yapp.. laughed laughed laughed.. till time passed so soon..
Ohhh... and did I mention..
YES.. this lenglui is no longer available.. she just resigned from my Singles' Club.
Well, but if you think you're MAN enough, GOOD enough, HUMOROUS enough.. all positive points stacked up high.. well.. you can give it a try.. she's a very very nice person. Trust me.

So after lunch, we jalan-jalan a bit and headed for JCO.
yes.. that oh-so-famous doughnuts..
yes yes.. the one that get everyone all lined up longer and lagi patience compared to buying tickets to watch Transformer.
yes yes yes.. lagi expensive than Big Apples by a few bucks.

clockwise - Glazed, Fully Chocolate Everywhere, Mint Chocolate Pimple,
Nutty Makes Me Nut, Chocolate Black Heads and Oreo-powder-logy
(names are lamely fake.. duh~ I simply created.. 'cos i can't remember the real names)

My first box of JCO.
Seriously.. i mean.. i've been always purchasing Big Apples.
JCO queues are unbelievable..
Why I bought today was 'cos around 4pm there was no crowd...
So just get it since ChaiSeong said they're better than Big Apples.

Hmm... but to my opinion.. I kinda like Big Apples more..
JCO is too sweet for my liking.. I mean.. real sweet..
ok ok.. mayb it's not that sweet as I think it is...
'cos even mamak.. i can't take normal milo.. i'll be suffocated with sweetness..
So maybe this is why I prefer Big Apples more.. Same goes for Huay-Pin.

Anyway.. i'm kinda jelak with assorted doughnuts d..
Gonna stop it for awhile.. until I start to crave for them again...


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