Tuesday, January 01, 2008

happy new 2008 year!!!

3 years ago.. *click*
2 years ago.. Can't remember d. Bangsar I think..
A year ago.. *click*

hAppy New YEARrr!!!!!!!

Hello helloo.... the first day of the year!!
A new year, new wishes, new challenges, new friends, new demands, new goods and new bads..
New boyfriends? Haha.. i wish.

Just woke up actually.. hahaha..
Went partying with JunWei, Alan, KokHau, HuayPin, ChoonWee and his 3 girlfriends.
Met Andy, Darren, Raymond and his girlfriend.
Where else??? Poppy lor... hahaha
Not bad the crowd.. We were over the pool side... so not that crowded..
But the dance floor was packed like sardin man... kaulatz..


When the clock strikes 12... WOW WOW WOW..
everyone jumping on the feet, cheering like they never did before..
I guess it was a blast to me 'cos I never countdown in a club before..
Previously was only street-parties. So open-air.
The lightings was like everywhere.. glitters.. music blaring..
much better than typical club scene..
Some guys jumping into the pool.. confetti.. bla bla bla..
and GROUP HUGS!!!! i loooveee group hugs!! hahahaha..


Then after the countdown.. wasn't that a blast though.. hhahha
'cos sweat like waterfall.. and so feel the drip drip drip of the sweat here and there..
and worst.. i got a slight gastric attack.. stood there for awhile..
and stupid JunWei said I look SOBER... nabehhh~~
but towards the end.. fuyohhhh... not bad not bad fun fun... quite.. hahahahha


Anyway.. ahem ahem.. KokHau and Alan got lucky.. *hint hint*
JunWei got chugged by Darren.. drunk like a cow. First time me see him liddat.
I had to drive his BMW, HuayPin to soothe him and him talking crap behind.. hahaha
Drunk-talk is really hilarous.. Accompanying him to drunk-talk lagi fun.. hahah


Anyway again.. really happy at the end of the night or morning.. it was around 4+ when i finally collapsed on my bed.. Thinking back what I've done last year.. 2006.. Err.. I couldn't think. HAHhaha..

Happy NEW YeAR!!!!
Happy NEW YeAR!!!!
happy new year!!!
Happy NEW YeAR!!!!
Happy NEW YeAR!!!!
Happy NEW YeAR!!!!
happy new year!!!
Happy NEW YeAR!!!!
Happy NEW YeAR!!!!


p/s: I know I hahahha a lot of times... simply 'cos I'm happy.. and all pix with Alan n Pin.

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