Sunday, January 06, 2008

simple dinner by me~

Wow. Horrible headache throughout the whole day man..
I woke up around 9am.. Headache.
Sleep back again after 15 minutes.. Headache.
Woke up around 1pm for lunch or breakfast.. or brunch.. Still headache..
Popped a panadol.. water.. more water.. then sleep again..
Woke up around 4.30pm.. Felt better.. Sighhhh...
Watched some tv.. and off to prepare dinner...

An hour half for me to prepare tonight's menu. =P
Teriyaki honey vegetarian burger and orange pasta salad...
Wheat burger bread, patty pan-fried-then-baked-in-honey, teriyaki garlic and onion sauce..
Tomato, lettuce, cucumber, oregano, butter.

I love this salad. No mayonaise, no thousand island.. no irky-jelak sauces..
This salad dressing was.. orange juice, olive oil, apple cider, salt-pepper-sugar to taste..
Salad consists of lettuce, butterhead, onions, carrot, cucumber, pasta shells soaked in cold orange juice, purple cabbage, iceberg, tomatoes, orange peeled and cheese.

Can open my own deli d rite???
hahha Kidding!!!

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