Saturday, January 19, 2008

friends are gems

I was so stuck in the jam yesterday morning on the way to work..
Hehe.. so i siao-siao sms'ed a few of my friends..
, FeiLing, JunWei, Alan and ChowLiang...
just the same morning greetings wat.. very bad meh..
just we seldom do it nia mar... and lagi at the time.. it was like around 8.45am..

"Good morning fee.. =P"
"Xiao Zar Bo.. Morning.. Geehehe..

"Good morning fei ling.. =P"
"Mornin.. :)"

"Good morning Allan.. =P"
(after 2 hours)
"Tell me what is so good bout this morning? hehe.. just kidding dear.. good morning to you as well.."

"Good morning Jun Wei.. =P"
(after an hour plus)
"Good Morning, it's good to know u'r thinking of me at this time of the day.. Soooo warms my heart ha.. "

"Good morning, little boy.. =P" (for ChowLiang)
(at night.. sibeh a lot of hours)
Good night for now.. sorry been busy working.. feel curious of ur sudden greetin.. hehe.. hope u'r fine there.. "

My friends are so cutte.. hahaha..
So made my mood in the morning.. especially stupid JunWei's reply..
I told Yvonne bout it.. obviously she laughed like hell...
mana tau.. later she tembak me back... "Why you din msg me 1?"
Nabeh.. that girl... in Taiwan also mau.. Balik-larrr cepat..

aiks.. gtg..
bringing mom shoppin'
tonight got bbq at ChoonWee's place lagi...

.... to be continued..

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