Thursday, January 24, 2008

construction somehow makes me think of Phua Chu Kang

First first.. streamyx sucks..
2 days it went down... so I called them up..
Then only they came over to fix it for me yesterday.. konon not my modem prob..
their cable or their port rosak..


Went site visit to Damansara Perdana today with my studiomates for design assignment.
Eng, Iwan, Tess, Jasmyn, Chris and EeZhu.. ya.. Kelvin too..

Met at McD, TheCurve first..
Reluctant to eat.. but then.. if don't eat.. how to panjat still-constructing building??
So ordered an egg muffin and that was what I left (below) on the tray un-bitten.. *shrugs*

Ok ok.. lazy to elaborate much.. Pix will do rite??
Briefly.. these are the new commercial office blocks at Damansara Perdana..
PJTC = Petaling Jaya Trade Center
You can see it like.. when u bypass the LDP highway after Ikea area..
Some design theme and concept of environmental friendly..
Promoting raw material finishes.. super lots of planters, cross-ventilations... etc etc etc..

Gate A. That's where we masuk the site..

(above) Progress photographs of each indicated areas of the site
(below) PPE helmets.. V for Virgins. Hahha.. no lar.. VISITOR larrr DUh.

This bloody lift.. Scared me to hell..
Once you start to go up or down.. it bloody shakes all over..
Not shake la.. i mean like.. DUNO how to describe la..
lost in words.. BUT ONE WORD i know.. HORRIBLE..
20 floors up in this banyak-lubang lift..
In this little box up in the air till you reach 20th floor with no walls.. tsk tsk..
Paiseh. I reli terrified.. Stupid thoughts keep appearing in my head that time..

Cement Vent holes that they intended to grow fungus in. Serious.

Very friendly Senior Assistant Architect and Kelvin.

A done piece of carpark.

POOOO. Shit. Ta-Pian. Pang-sai. Dung.
heheh no lar.. cement.

Cute shoe leh..
i mean.. NICE hole..

Short group discussion over next week's hand-in.
(from left - Kelvin, Chris, green Jasmyn, yellow EeZhu, blue Eng, others not in pix)

After site, went lunch with them at KFC.
One day 2 meals Fast Food.. Kill me Barhhh.... Beh tahan.
Then... ermm.. oh went shopping a while..
Went looking in Cats Whiskers at Damansara Utama..
Bought a clutch bag and 2 beaded retro necklace. (pix soon)
Since I was at that area.. dropped by Wins Art to get my butterpaper pads..
and SAW THIS... *glances below*

Ex-limkokwing Mayang campus in PINK...
like the bloody whole building is PINK.. PINK PINK PINK!!!!
wahsai.. damn freaking different mannnn... Obviously not limkokwing anymore..
but somehow that area is like.. "cheered-up".. hahahaha..

Okay lar.. no mood d.
Was chatting with Yvonne.. but she busy watching tv to entertain me.
Lagi she dare to on her webcam KONON thought she wanna chat with me lar..
mana tau end up.. I watched her watching her tv. NAbeh~

Cute leh my friend.. She still available.. Interested?? GO get her!!!.. ahhaha
Like selling vege in market hor??! hahahaha...
Wanna know her.. OBVIOUSLY ask me first lar..
Common sense ok.. -_-

p/s: In case if i'm not here to blog tomorrow... well.. meaning.. i'm killed by.. ermm.. you guys know who.. heheh..


yvonne tang said...

TAN MOH GEE....u gona kena by me when i get back!!!damn

Michelle said...

wahahahhhahahhahaha........... LOL
neverminddd.. i WAIT!!!

yvonne tang said...

ya...u wait..u slowly wait...
i wont go out with u anymore..
YOU are not my fren...
treated me like this!!!!!~~~~

Michelle said...

so badddddd one.. duno who chatting wit me now...
hahahah faster come back lar