Wednesday, January 02, 2008

food oh foodddddd~~

My first meal of 2008 was Maggi Goreng and Milo-O panas at 3.30am plus on 1Jan.
My first dinner.. I HAD TO COOK MYSELF... SO SADDD.... *sobs*

Thought daddy will tapau food back.. mana tau only 3 soggy popiah from mom's friend..
Yeeerrr... blehhhhh... yiiieeshhh...
Didn't feel the hunger until I saw food and smell food or heard bout them talking bout the dinner..
At 9.30pm.. I have to go speed-cook 'cos i sudah sangat hungry.. and was craving for spaghetti and lazy to carry my ass out of the house to go hunt for food...
Who knows I have to cook for the whole family too 'cos they tak makan full enough..

Wahsai.. within half an hour.. a quick easy spaghetti toss.. kau-tim~..
SIgh.. say earlier lar.. I straight away cook dinner.. they don't have to go to their friends' potluck to makan... SHHHEEeessHHhh... *rolled eyes*

One snapshot of my puppy..
The eldest one of all the 6 little puppies Nana gave birth to..
Just walked his first few steps..
Simply adorable.

*bark baby bark*

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