Tuesday, January 15, 2008

me very the passionate.. VERY..

I'm fulllll of passssionnnnn... y'know??
'Cos i ate PASSION fruit.. hahahahhaa

Yes.. this post about foooodd again.. *yawns*

Mom bought like around 6-7 passion fruits yesterday..
I was like.. WOW.. i mean.. i really never see passion fruit before la.. (yala.. jinjang-lar)
Don't larr go kira u makan.. or order passion bubble tea, or passion shake.. or yogurt b4...
I never eat the real fruit before or touch it.. like until yesterday...
23 years of life.. first time. *beams*

Cut into halves d..

Getting ready to wallop it all in..
Looks like froggies' eggs hor..
My first glance was like.. Baby lala.. hahaha
My first word was like.. EIUUuuuu...

Freaking empty rite?? *grins*
Bloody unique sweet lor.. very nice..
I think it's expensive though..
Mom bought one for like.. 2 bucks..
Do keep in mine.. my hands are not that big.
So u can guess the size of the fruit.
Nice lar.. I want more.


That siao-macho Allan.. went Taiwan and came back and after so long..
Few days back only I got my souvenir... -_-"
2 packets of biscuits and one super-pretty keychain with my initials on it.. *claps hands*

I din't really care bout the biscuits till I was hungry yesterday..
I saw on the package that... something bout the largest hand-make biscuit in Taiwan..
I was like.. "Are u kidding me?? So marketing strategy talk.. Bluff ghost ar??"
When I opened.. hahaha I really din't expect it.. really the real besar I have ever seen lar..
If not mistaken.. it's longer that 15cm short ruler..
I think so lar.. can't remember d.. YES OLD HAG.
The taste?? Good.. not bad.. New taste.. I like the original better.

So Yvonne... I know u'r reading it.. so before u balik horrrr..
buy me a few more packets ok.. hahahaha..

p/s: Streamyx sucks lately.. like sucks real BIG time.. Hateful.


team bsg said...

yr passion just what we need , many one ( but this passion how come softly different from the Camerons which is more sharp and firm ? then sure can hold with yr tender hands one

Michelle said...

issit? firm??
this is really slightly soft wor..
hmm... duno.. hehehe..
buy me one nex time to prove the firmness then... lol