Saturday, January 05, 2008

ho-chiak dinnerr~

I've got a date with Yvonne's aunt, Miss Doreen to go house-deco-shopping this morning.
We went SSF, somewhere in Bandar Sri Damansara.. (click *here* for SSF info)
She bought a couple of things for her new home.. designed by Miss Yvonne *winks* hehe..

She bought me lunch at BBK, her friend's eatery - Restaurant 369.. cost RM5.50 a bowl.
I never tried Hakka Rice @ Lei Cha by others before except my mom's homemade LeiCha which I think is absolutely much better than outside's though we're not a Hakka family.
Serious. LOL.

An example of Hakka Rice.. pix adapt from

I slept like 3 hours this afternoon. Somehow I was really kinda quite tired..
Stayed up late last night to watch dvd.. hehe..
Woke up around 7+.. took a shower.. then head for dinner with my family.

Mom just recovered from her cough and slight fever.
Not knowing what to eat.. Rice is a no-no.. she got bored of bread and all..
My siao brother was like jumping up and down.. "Steamboat.. steamboat.. Mizi.. mizi..!!"
Fair enough. Un-oily food for mom.. at least it was appetizing enough for her..
So off we went.. to Mizi at Bukit Tinggi.

In case if you guys do not know where is Mizi at Bukit Tinggi...
it's just a row behind Station 1 cafe... or the row opposite Halo Cafe..
Somewhere in the middle.. It's big and bright.. so there's no way you will miss it.

My last visit was *here*
Lazy to elaborate this time..
Not much difference from the previous visit.. just that we ordered more side dishes..
which I didn't snap any pix of them.. 'cos busy eating larrr... lol

There were a couple of different soup to choose from.. Herbal, Ginseng, Radish and Kimchi..
I wanted some kimchi soup.. I thought they will be like.. some already-made kimchi soup...
but it was actually their chicken-stock soup.. their daily soup..
then served with another extra dish of kimchi vegetables with tons of cili padi. Sour and spicy. Yum!!

Up-Up: Few plates of pork slice. Cheap. Only 4 bucks per plate. Fresh and gooodd..
Up: Normal chicken soup with their tantalizing sauce.

The feeling very sooonnnnng...
'cos able to eat super nice steamboat that is both HOT and SPICY in an acond room..
both sweating and refreshing.. ehhehehe
The bill came up with a total of RM90+..
Very very full and *blurps* sorry.. yummylicious..

After dinner, went Giant for some grocery-shopping.
I'm cooking tomorrow night..
Can guess what?? hhehhe..

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