Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Never a day like this again

Oh my gosh.

Today is really bad. Arghh.. And I mean truly unexpected.
Firstly I woke up early today, (a silly reason made last night a total sleepless one) but don’t know how I can still be late for work.
Almost clashed with a bodoh car who can’t make good use of the signal lights.
Still dreaming in the car while the lights turn green.
Bloody smart-tag haven’t upload.
Coins ran everywhere when I came upon the Kota Kemuning 1.50 toll.
Hot milo for breakfast. Half cup in my tummy, another half all over my body.
Why? No idea. For like so many many years of living from the age of twelve, I have stopped being clumsy. Damn.
‘Terpaksa’ see someone’s ‘face colour’ which I totally don’t appreciate.
Keep leaving things behind.
Open wrong files.
Ticketing counter elevations & cinema 1 cut-section – got headroom problem caused by the latest revised changes on the risers.
Amend again.
Cinema 5 minimized. Amend again.
Received a damn ‘out of the blue’ fax.
Several proposed penthouse sanitarywares & fittings were omitted AGAIN.
And again the awful supplier told me there won’t be any mistakes. But again she did it. I was like “WHAT?!?!”
My big voice screaming in my head! So what?! Still have to continue with my amendments, right??!!...
It’s like almost 7 now. And I’m still working.

Petrol turned gold

Petrol up 30 sen
KUALA LUMPUR: The price of petrol and diesel is up by 30 sen a litre effective today, the highest increase in the past two years.
However, the Prime Minister's Department, in a statement, said that this would be the only increase for the year.
Public transport and commercial vehicle operators only face a 15 sen rise for diesel.
“The Government has decided to introduce a direct subsidy for these operators, making up 84% of diesel users, through a fleet card scheme,” the statement stated.

"With the card they will be able to buy diesel at 15 sen less per litre than the new price.
“The Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry has sent out letters to the operators who qualify for this scheme.”

The Prime Minister's Department also said the savings from the price increase would be used “to pay for development projects and improving the public transport system for the benefit of all people.”
The decision to increase the price of fuel was to overcome the impact of rising crude oil prices and to curb the increase in subsidies paid by the Government.

The announcement was made in a statement from the Prime Minister's Department at 10.30pm yesterday.
The retail price for petroleum products is being raised because last year the amount of subsidy borne by the Government was RM7.41bil whereas tax exemption stood at RM7.85bil.
“The burden of subsidy and tax exemption borne by the Government from January to February this year was RM1.19bil and RM1.44bil respectively,” the statement said.

TAKEN BY SURPRISE: Motorists queueing up at a petrol station in Petaling Jaya to fill up their tanks as news of the increase in fuel price reached them Monday night.The statement said that without the government's subsidy and tax exemption, the retail price of these products in March would have been higher.
Without the subsidy and tax exemption, the price of RON 97 in the peninsula would be RM2.46 a litre, RON 92 RM2.37 a litre, diesel RM1.98 a litre and LPG RM3.21 a kg.

In Sabah, RON 97 petrol without subsidy and tax exemption would be RM2.45 a litre, RON 92 RM2.37 a litre, diesel RM1.97 a litre and LPG RM3.35 a kg.
In Sarawak, the price of RON 97 petrol without subsidy and tax exemption would be RM2.45 a litre, RON 92 RM2.36 a litre, diesel RM1.97 a litre and LPG RM3.34 a kg.

“Although the Government is raising the price of petroleum products, diesel and LPG, the price of petrol and diesel in Malaysia is still cheaper than in other Asean countries except Brunei,” the statement said.

CRAZYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! better pump evian la then!

Monday, February 27, 2006

Certain or uncertain?

Sigh. I really hate to start blogging with a sigh. But...

So damn fast a blardee week just fly off. Double last Friday (17/2), somehow went thru a feelings-twisted, work-stressed, screwed-up labour life. Last week was a little better but it was still screwed-up in a 'way'. Indecisive numbness was all I can describe of my temperamental moods for the past weeks. Something just keeps bothering me.
Midnights are always the best. Life without hesitations, decisions, toxic wastes, just a peaceful-non-violent calm night. It's been raining cats & dogs for a few nights but it didn't rub on my wrong side as much as it did on the day. I don't know. I guess.. I'm most likely easily got irritated these days over some well… I should put it this way... as in some rather silly craps. My strawberry season was over for awhile ago, so I think this 'weird' mood isn't much caused by hormones.

Nevertheless, besides work-life, some sweetness nectar is blossoming in me. Soon to tell you but not now. Still thinking and this is really making me all tied up, butterflies trapped in me. Being indecisive is a blardee hell of hard work to do.

Hoping to get some good news from the other side of my tiny-puny, recently-crappy world.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Birds' problem caused it all

A Vietnamese veterinary officer pours fuel into a pit where hundreds of slaughtered chickens are being cremated as villagers look on. Photo: AFP

PM: We can fight bird flu
(from - http://www.thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2006/2/24/nation/13485178&sec=nation)

SEREMBAN: Malaysia is ready with the necessary mechanisms to fight bird flu, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.
“The Health Ministry and relevant departments are monitoring the situation carefully and we have the necessary mechanisms to put into action if there are any problems,” he told reporters after presenting cheques to Felda Sendayan settlers here.
“It involves a few ministries and we will take whatever necessary action as needed.
“This includes getting information from our neighbouring countries on what can be implemented to solve the problem. There needs to be information.”

In KUALA LUMPUR, only four people, including two latest cases, remained under observation at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital, said Health Minister Datuk Dr Chua Soi Lek.
He said one of them showed no signs of having contracted the flu while a two-year-old child was placed in the isolation ward.
He said the two latest cases were taken to the hospital to undergo tests.
“They will be discharged tomorrow (Friday) if they test negative for the avian flu,” he told reporters after opening the healthcare conference on diabetes management.
“There is no case of the avian flu affecting people in Malaysia. We only have confirmed avian flu cases among chickens.”

Veterinary Services Department acting director-general Datuk Dr Mustapa Jalil said strict surveillance, checking of premises and the culling exercise were continuing.
“As of today (yesterday), 1,970 chickens, 62 ducks, 72 birds and 505 eggs have been destroyed,” he said in a statement.
Dr Mustapa said surveillance of an area between a 2km and 10km radius of the affected area, which started yesterday, was to ensure that Kuala Lumpur, Ulu Klang, Gombak and its surrounding neighbourhoods were free from avian flu.
“The surveillance is carried out by teams from the department in Selangor,” he said.
“So far, our teams have taken 114 swab samples from 237 birds belonging to 24 residents and three pet shops located in Selayang and Hulu Klang.

“All have tested negative.”


with all the talk about bird flu, I really think this big, yellow bird should be under quarantine.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

I think I'm in love

Oh my gosh!!

I really think I'm falling in love.
The song - Kiss Goodbye by Lee Hom is really driving me gaga.
I've been like keep playin' the track repeatedly for like almost four days in a row.
This has never happened before.
And why is it happening now?
I've got butterflies in my stomach.

ps: 'Thanks' a lot to Yvonne! She simply just caused it.

Which major?

You scored as Psychology. You should be in Psychology major.

Psychology - 100%
Linguistics - 100%
Theater - 92%
Dance - 92%
Journalism - 92%
Art - 92%
English - 83%
Sociology - 83%
Philosophy - 83%
Anthropology - 75%
Biology - 58%
Mathematics - 58%
Engineering - 58%
Chemistry - 33%

Hmm.. How far is this true? Haha.. I really thought of doing psychology way before I took on Interior. Mom ask me to think twice. And I did. In two words, complications faced.
Well, however I do really like arty stuff a lot though. And I truly fully very dislike sciency subs like Chem, Bio & etc. Haha.
Nevertheless, I like what I'm doing now and the passion for my career is like never-ending. Well, at least for this moment.

Log into - http://quizfarm.com/test.php?q_id=119158

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Not a fresh start

Good Morning.
I'm tired. So tired.
Not enough sleep.
Still gotta work.

Hopefully no OT again tonight.

Nevertheless, a new day has begun

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

His Majesty Condom

Last weekend evening I was surfing thru the channels & settled down with this sort of Taiwanese 'King of Adventure' sort-of documentary show. Anyway, this week, it was about the Egyptian culture, pyramids & history. It was quite appealing actually. Well,probably I’m got nothing much to do at that time.

One very peculiar thing that caught my attention though. Even the host was surprised. Back to ancient times, possibly 3000 years ago, condoms were actually existed. Hahahah.. Guys are still guys man. Hahahha.. it was pretty hilarious. For me, at least. Back then & now, guys are still bloody typical maniacs. Anyway, this ancient condom (only for pharaohs) looks like a sort-of animal skin belt that you’ll tie around your waist & a little pouch sort-of look to well.. shield your little family jewels. The funny things is you can even wash it when it's 'dirty' & after 'used'. Hahaha..

1.Some people believed that legendary Pharaohs became Egyptian gods. Do you? 2.Royal family emphasized between mankind and the life giving force of the sun disk. 3.Mummified monkey buried and provided with grave goods is evidence for a cult of sacred animals".

Damn, I don’t have the ancient condom picture to upload here. I tried looking for the image online but couldn’t find. But I came across this article about ancient Egyptian condoms…

…. Ancient Egyptian women were tired of applying the ointment of crocodile excrement and honey tincture as vaginal contraceptives, and the heavy burden of contraception fell on men’s fragile shoulders. Meticulous archeologists found out that the first ancestor of the modern condom appeared in Ancient Egypt in the XIII century B.C. Tose condoms did not resemble the thing that you wear sometimes – ancient condoms were lubricated intestines of animals.

Yuck! They smelled awful and looked horrid. Other sources say that ancient condoms were made of leather, then people started making contraceptive devices from bull bladders and sheep blind guts. The modern history of a condom started in 1564, when Italian scientist Gabriel Fallopius invented a little “bag” for male genitals. At first, it was made of linen, but then they started using the coating of animal intestines, which was imbued with special medicines and inorganic salt. This condom covered the top of a penis and was fixed with the help of a pink ribbon. Why was it pink - there is no answer to this question. By the way, that mediaeval condom was not meant for one-time use, and it was supposed to be carefully washed after every use...

A condom is not simply a word, it was the last name of a courtier baker of the English King Carl II. The king asked his servant to invent something that would protect his crowned penis from syphilis. As a result, the king was offered to use a little bag, made of sheep intestines, but this time there was no ribbon on it. This device was then used by all English noblemen.

Practically all men complain of the biggest disadvantage of a condom – some guys say that wearing a condom is like kissing a girl that wears a gas mask. There was an idea to make a little penis hat out of a long condom – a hat that could be put on the top of a penis for more enjoyment. It was even offered to glue such a hat to the ……

(picked from the full online article, interested? log into - http://english.pravda.ru/fun/2002/05/15/28737.html)

Haha. News to you. Same to me. Just love documentaries & discoveries, culture & beliefs, but that doesn't make me a boring girl ok.

Monday, February 20, 2006

The clock & me

Clock is a very useful damn thing that human ever created.

Today (fyi - acordingly to 'rules', my working hours is from 9.00 - 18.00)
18.30 - Still working

After dinner (still in office)...
19.45 - Still working & surfing

Took a fast glance....
21.55 - Still working & msn

Another glance....
23.04 - Still in office & still working!!

A long damn stare & still staring.......
23.54 - STILL BLARDYY working!!!! and working!!! and WORKING!!!!

What the hell? Is my life all about working?!

Fixated horrendous egocentric ogre

Some people just don’t have THE sense. Stop being such an egoistic & selfish old toot. Aged enough to use your bloody brain to think the right things obviously. It’s not only you & your stuck-up life is important. This world is not just about YOU. I have a life too. And I want to keep it private. So do I have to tell you everything?

I’m pissed.
F*cking annoyed.
Just want to sulk.
Don’t bother me.
Leave me alone.

Friday, February 17, 2006

A Divine Image

Cruelty has a Human heart
And Jealousy a Human Face,
Terror, the Human Form Divine,
And Secrecy, the Human Dress.
The Human Dress is forgéd Iron,
The Human Form, a fiery Forge,
The Human Face, a Furnace seal'd,
The Human Heart, its hungry Gorge.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A walk down memory lane


ChoonWee's Bday -20-10-84-
His bash -09-12-05 @ KlangClub & Zeta Bar -

ChoonWee's bday! Well, he celebrated at Australia with his buddies over there before he was back here. When he's back and all, each time, it makes me feel the time just flies very fast. Suddenly he's back. And suddenly he's back there. Wow.

Anyway it was a blast on his bday back here. From Klang Club to Zeta Bar, KL Hilton. One world to describe. FUN.

groupy dinner @ Klang Club

It was pretty funny before we reached Klang Club that night. FeiLing & Allan came to Yvonne's house to pick me & her up. Halfway to the club, she suddenly shrieked. Why? She forgotten ChoonWee's present. U-turn back to her house, she couldn't find it. Probably cause she panicked. Finally after few frantic minutes, she found it by her stairs. Haha. Reached there at the same time with HuayPin & KokHau. ChoonWee's uni friends all over Malaysia were there already.

After our dinner orders, I accompanied Yvonne to pick her cousin, KyeLie up from her tuition class. She drove Allan's car, & was asked to pump petrol first before heading to BBK cause the petrol was really low. Well, unfortunately we really got stuck in the middle of old Klang bridge. Gosh. With hazard lights on, some typical stupid idiotic drivers still got their car so near, almost kissing our ass, then they got stucked. Honked & show typical Malaysian signs of frustration. And our heroes for the night were KokHau & Allan with 2 bottles of petrol.

me, ChoonWee (bday boy), FeeFee, Yvonne @ zeta

me & yvonne (half blur) @ zeta

Look at us. Definitely blur. Haha. Few puffs of ciggies & gags of Chivas. Red-eyed monsters were born. It was also the first night I land my ass on a nice puddle of Chivas seat. Don't get what I mean? Good!

KL Hilton's Christmas deco was really really nice. Zeta Bar is well, nicely designed & furnished but the atmosphere was a bit mind-numbing. Everyone is just standing around. Sigh. Crashed in Yvonne's house & finally called it a night. Thanks ChoonWee.

My Bday -05-09-84-
My Bash -09-09-05 @ Kokomo -

Last year was my 21st year in this world. Nothing special was planned for my bday. Just a simple easy-going-get-together night with some close friends at Kokomo Garden Café on a Saturday night.

- 1st birthday cake from buddies @ kokomo -

some of the whole gang - kokomo -
Charlie is really funny. His nick. 'SLUT'. Hahaa. Haven't met up with Ele & Chee Kheng for sometime. Still the same, not much difference except that Chee Kheng cut his piggie tail off. That bloody Raymond laughed & teased Ele for not liking Carlsberg & Heinekken but to prefer Shandy more. Aww. Come on. This is a free world baby. Everyone has their own rights to choose whatever & whoever they like. Sheeshh...But it was quite funny to hear them 'debating' & looking at their expression at that time. Haha.
Shittz. Getting old is really happening fast. Sigh.

the girls - (clockwise) FeiLing, Elena, Yvonne, Me, Cass
My dear fubu Lay Fong, couldn't make it. Ee Lyn FFK me. (I'll remember that) Joye got something on. Huay-Pin & ChoonWee still in Perth. BoonKee in Melbourne. Thanks to myself. Why? I gave a late notice. Damn. Boyfriend? Ya. Went astray in the shadows. Hidden.

me & buddy raymond (M.I.A. nowadays)
Surprisingly, Raymond & Charlie showed up. He told me, he wouldn’t come (over some super lame reasons) but end up in front of me that night. Quite happy actually, even though he was empty-handed. Hehe. Never mind. His presence matters more. Get a girlfriend, will ya, ray!! Lonely piece of lovely f*ck!!!
Happy Birthday, Michelle!~

Friend or Enemy?

Oh ya..
And I still haven't talk to her since I don't remember when.
And I don't feel like talking to her since then.
And I don't feel like mentioning about her again.
And I don't feel or think it's wasted.
For what is a friend to her.

It's been awhile.

WoW!! It's been a year since I've updated this blog. A lot of things had happened throughout last year though. Sigh.. Time really flew fast. And I'm OLD dy.
And yesterday was another lonely Valentine's. It wasn't that bad.. At least I was out with my *single* friends, Paul & ManYee to have a nice dinner & hit the movies later at Pyramid.

valentine triplets - cute chiq - man yee - me & paul - garage -

Seriously, DERAILED is really not that pleasing if it's not for Jennifer Aniston. It was really slow & a bit "3 star porn-y" at first but as the main actor (whom-I-still-don't-know-his-name) gets to put the puzzles together, finally got my full attention on the movie. Well, the ending was at least better than I've expected.

Now I'm sitting in front of my pc in office 16:38, trying to get my TGV drawings done meanwhile waiting for the supplier to meet up. Hoping that there's a remote to switch my mood.

Sigh. And I'm yawning again. That's all, I guess. Hope I have the 'urge' to update this blog again tomorrow.

Don't fear failure so much that you refuse to try new things. The saddest summary of a life contains three descriptions: could have, might have, and should have.

-Louis E. Boone