Saturday, April 12, 2008

Two first in One day,

Went to PC Fair today with si YvonneTheHelmet.
My first time at the PC Fair. All my life, I never been to any PC Fair.
Ya.. i know.. damn bukit right??

Anyway, this time was in KLCC Convention Hall.. so it's nearer and better. Can shop.
Not such a good nor bad experience except that it was so damn crowded...
Like really crowded.. and kept muttering why people bring kids there..
Kids like really kids running around.. squealing... crying.. mommy-ing...
knocking knees and slamming into stranger's crotchesboxes etc.
So many people carrying big boxes of printers, monitors, laptops etc etc..
and yet still have to look out for movable barriers.. Shit man.

I went 'cos I need to get a new camera, printer n dad's fax... and some little things..
and also to experience.. and also to teman Si Helmet.

Walked and walked.. squeezeddd... crammeddd..
Seriously you can see all kinds of pc stuff u need... u-name-it-u-get-it kind...
AND you also will get ALL KINDS OF SMELL!!!!!! Gross mannn...

Ok ok.. back to what I bought..
I bought Canon's PIXMA MX308 for RM 468. All-in-ONE. Fax+Scan+Copy+Print.
Free aunty-pasar-malam-trolley-to-push-around.. and some canvas bag.
I bought SanDisk thumbdrive 4 gig for RM 48.
I bought a cute pink Sensonic mouse for RM 18.

YvonneHelmet got her Samsung 19" flat screen monitor. RM 615
3 new sets of speakers. 100 CDRs. The same pink mouse.

Was so susah dragging a big printer in the midst of millions and smelly armpits..
I helped YvonneHelmet with her monitors and stuff..
She tolong me by dragging my trolley.. So tough chick. Lurrrveee it. *grins*
One thing. The stuff we bought ARE all HEAVYYYY okayyy... *grunts*

First and last time to a PC Fair.
Not much difference of price actually.. mayb just cheaper for 30-40 bucks.
I wanted to get Canon Digital Ixus 85 IS but konon belum launched or habis stock.
Not sure la.. so got a bit heart pain and "boh-kam-wan"....

Then we chucked all the things into the car.
Then we eventually went drinking Pepsi and stuffing ourselves with fries.
Too early for dinner too late for lunch. Almost 6pm.
Went window-shopping around.. glancing here and there..
and ended up in MaNGo where I fell in love at first sight...
with a BAG!!!!

Was reluctant to buy at first because of the price.. RM 199.
Then my heart kept popping out, mouth keep cursing myself why not buying it..
Heart willing, but flesh was weak. Sighhh...

Until tat siao YvonneHelmet said,
"You ought to reward yourself sometimes...since you so stress n busy lately.."

Awww shit.... Bloody i agreed with her la OBVIOUSLY..
My "hmm...true-also" brainer started.
Reward in a way, makes me happy..
Like getting something in return from your hard work. Hmmmm....
Reward in another way, some excuse where u can waste ur money on and yet lie to yourself so you feel good bout it.. *rolled eyes*

White was real nice. Pure sweet innocent love I have for her/him/it.
Black was too old.. over-mature..
Beige was kinda erm.. not appetizing for me.. heheheh..
So i settled with white.. and ommigosshh!!!!
Living my life to date, 23 years+, my FIRST time buying a WHITE bag... hehehe.. YvonneHelmet mentioned again with a little-hint-of-sarcasm..
"Better appreciate ur love and learn to take care of it.."

The word "LEARN"... *ouch*


Did my work. Taking a break now.. Soon to sleep.
Munching on not-so-sweet cherries. *grimaces*
Aunt Sylvia brought some fresh cherries (below) over.
Kinda sour though they looked soooo reddd...

Kicking my comforter around settling with my Chocolate Run.
Read 3 chapters d. Love it.
Normally if or when I'm interested with the plot, I'll finish a book a day..
and start all over again the next day.. or the next day. *winks*

Tired. *snores*

Wait. Speaking of sleeping.. I bought this one pillow last night in JuscoBukitTinggi.
Fetch my mom there to pass something to her friend..
And she asked me to get a new pillow.. etc etc..
My current pillow is kinda.. well.. old.. but I LOVE IT. heheh too used to it d.

This new pillow.. RM49.90 for one pillow. Pearl Pillow.
Can't believe so expensive mann... in Jusco Departmental Stores.
Luckily buy 1 free 1... and the salesgirl so nice,
said if buy 1, just pay the half price of RM49.90.
Nice one.. so I bought one eventually.
Mana tau.. went back sleep on it.. SO BLOODY HIGGHHH!!!! SO BONGGOL!!!
How to sleepppp?!?!??!?!

Now it's on the floor, next to my bedside table,
with my nice old pillow proudly on my bed...
HEhehehe.. Ok lar.. Sleep d.

Long day tomorrow. Need to work my ass off.




Big Boys Oven said...

very nice beg!

Michelle said...

lol.. thanks..~~ *gloating*
hehe been sometime i last bought.. lol

cass said...

i <3 your bag!!! i am thinking of buying new bag to "reward" myself also... hahaha.. but still need to think la. wilfred dun let me buy, say i got too many. but... i don't have one big enough to bring to work/fit more things... valid reason right?

pink_angel said...

PINK MOUSEY!!! I want!!!! Damn it so cheap some more! Send me one!! Hahahahaha. I saw one microsoft mia selling at RM40...wah lau buy gold man..

Michelle said...

cass: VERY valid reason ok!!! just buy if u hav the money n if u like it.. if not.. regret also too late..

not everytime u can find something that u absolutely love and yet it's useful to ur needs.. BUY!!! ahaha like how swoon keep asking me to BUYYY!!! n i'm glad i did.. lol

pink: eh u pink freak!!! hahahha..
pc fair habis d lar. lol.. unless if i drop by lowyatt or wat.. i help u buy..

or why not u just spray paint ur current mouse pink? hehehehhehehe

pink_angel said...

Hahahaha you think I never think of spraying my pc pink?? I have all that thoughts before...but then dare not do it because wait rosak...Hahahaha

Michelle said...

hahahh siao ashley.. i know u definitely think of it!!! pink freak!!! lol.. ok la a cute pink freakkk!!!!