Sunday, April 27, 2008

i need a looong break

A whole day of facing in front of my Ms. Lappy today..
That's what i did... yea.. the whole freaking day sitting here..
drawing & drawing.. clicking & clicking... sighing & sighing.. none stop.
Sections for my final presentation.. which is not rendered yet.. *curses*

Shit man... it's like 3.21am d.
Aiks~ Off to bed dy..
Still a lot of shit to do tomorrow and the day after and the day after...
Damnnit.. it's like not ending fast.. *&#^$(*&^&@%!#&
Somehow I'm dreading for like more days before my finals on May 2nd & 4th..
but somehow I desperately hoped that it will end asap so I can like at least ENJOY LIFE!!!!
I'm turning into like an Aunty Zombie lately.. Screw..


Will upload my 3ds after finals.
Night peeps.




Big Boys Oven said...

call me asap please! at latest monday urgent!

Michelle said...

called d!! hehehe..