Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Very busy lately with work and model-makings and all.
Will be in PJ Hilton everyday working on the Christmas Train Project for charity.
Morning till night. Wanna come play peek-a-boo with me? Teeheehee~
This train project will be launched on this coming Saturday at 10am.
Everyone is welcome. Come see this interesting event.

Oh well. Yours truly playing with toys.

Oh well... and too...
Feel free to drop by anytime to catch me climbing and walking on the platform
in PJ Hilton lobby like a monkey pro artisan.
Touching a 5-stars hotel's lobby ceiling.
You'll never have this chance, right?

p/s: pixs were taken when we were still building it up in school.
Took tons of pix at Hilton. Will post up when I find time.

Love all heaps.
*smothered with kisses*

tired like hell

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