Sunday, December 28, 2008

Donnie Yen = Ip Man = AWESOME!!

It's been dead long since I last reviewed on a hot guy movie..
But I could not NOT review this movie...
To me, it's 5 outta 5 stars. Hella GOOD movie.
Movie of the year. I must say. Martial art movie of the "forever"..
No Martial Art movie can catch my attention this much other than this.

I'm going to so sound like an outgrown teenager drooling horribly as you read.
I just can't help it. Oh forgive me, you beautiful people..
I'm so not in my right mind. *sobs*
Not willing to come back to reality. I want the Donnie in the movie so much

Oh gosh. 葉問 !!!!
I'm still "trembling" after watching IP Man twice.
Watched it in the theater with HuayPin twice in 2 days.
It was way cooler than any other martial art movie. (plot *here*)
Made us believe in the character of Yip Man.. I wiki-ed him *here*

Who to play the role of this legendary Wing Chun master none other than....
*drools drools* the perfect Donnie Yen?
I mean he LIVES the character. Played the role oh-so real. *awe*
Check out the article *here*

I really like him more than Jet Li or Jackie Chan.
For the first time, I went kinda overboard gaga-gugu over him in this movie.
He was so darn perfect. Too bad for me to realise it now. Lagi OLD, lagi MAN ok!!
His looks, his stamina, his force, his talent, his likable face. Hahahaha...

Anyway back to the story, 70% of the movie IS real.
Ending of the script was kinda made up but still believable.
Donnie Yen worrr... So resemble the great Yip Man. SO influential.
Watch him here below on what he had to say on playing the role of his life.

Watch the other footage *here*, *here* and *here*!!
The making damn sooo real. No stuntman.. fast, swift and... *speechless*
Emotionless face, damn smooth moves, very very swift actions.. MAN MAN MAN!!
I like the act where he repeatedly punches his nemesis.. damn cool wey...
He NEVER learn Wing Chun Martial Arts before...
and look how quick he learned and portrayed the spirit of the martial art. Talent!!!

Aiyah.. I'm just still so bloody excited over the movie and Donnie. *grins*
Guess what?!?!.. *shrieks over-excitedly*
there might be a PART 2 where they show how Bruce Lee got influenced by Yip Man.
Yah yah.. Bruce Lee was once of Yip Man's great disciple.

*jumps around*
Pssst.. I don't mind watching the THIRD time. Really!!
Love this way much more than Jet Li's "Once upon a time in China(s)"...
Date me? Anyone? C'mon~

Love Donnie

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backStreetGluttons said...

goodness gracious ! what a darn good well researched writeup & biopic of your fav action star !

You could be DY's best fan worldwide!

Ok each one of the 4 of us will take sweet turns to see it once more and 4ever more with dear you in 2009 !

Happy New Year !