Saturday, December 13, 2008

PJ Hilton Christmas Train again~

PJ Hilton Christmas Train Project pix as promised.
Scroll it all down and simply just enjoy. *winks*
Everything from one end to the other all done by UCSI Architecture Dept.
Only lightings and wirings by UCSI Engineering Dept.

Why it is called PJ Hilton's Train Project because...
- they gave us 25k to build this thing up??...
which i think ended up all our effort and hard work worth much more than that.
- because it is to "exhibit" at PJ Hilton's lobby??...
- they din even give a damn to us on that day. Heartless.

More in my facebook. Links at the end of this post.

Spot any of your favourite christmas shots?

You can get more images from my facebook.
Uploaded two albums.
- In-the-making *click*
- Completed. *click*

And yes, the trains can run on its tracks with sound effects too.

Christmas came early to me this year.
Work stress levelling up.
Celebration feel all gone.
Can't wait for the long holidays.
Till then.



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