Tuesday, December 30, 2008

my bonny lies over the ocean~~

i miss.. so therefore i sulk...
here goes...

i miss bonny.
bonny no care me d.
bonny no more my good friend.
bonny no more silly random craps.
bonny so so so workaholic.
bonny is in my speed dial that i no longer call.
or i call but no one pick up.
this is so sad bonny.
bonny care me la.
bonny pick up my calls la.
bonny unfair.
bonny bias.
i wan my happy bonny bonny back.
with no the stress wrinkled face.
witty witty minded bonny.

bonny ..... -_-

ok.. i need to work.
so therefore i stop for now.

but lastly.... BONNY!!! come back~~~~


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