Friday, December 19, 2008

so what if he's an elderly?

I want a new car.
I thought I can have a new car.
Wish not granted at all. *swears*

Not one slight chance.

All because of 1 useless lazy mf old man..
who sadly happens to have a little blood relation with me
So old yet so irresponsible. Only know how to complain bout things.
Never been to any family gatherings or celebrations.
Only once he went, and he stirred things up. Crap.

I really wonder why he's so nothing good? Cow brain.
Never seen him do one right thing before in my life.
Not this life anyway.

This kind of people no need give face 1.
I won't want to face him anymore. Won't even want greet him.
Nothing to look up on. Nothing to look upon on.

paria him

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