Wednesday, December 24, 2008

japanese to korean...

Funny thing.
I just realized that all the food pix that I wanted post up today..
My food-partner-in-crime is none other than my beloved colleague, Priscilla.
Hehehe.. So coincidence.

Anyway... first stop...
Chuka Zanmai at Hartamas Shopping Center..
or Plaza Damas whichever you want to call it..

We were at site, waiting for furniture drop-offs..
and missed our lunch time..
Had our lunch like around 2.30 pm here...
Nobody was there... half hour and we're done.

Set comes with shredded chicken and fried dumplings. Not bad.
Priscilla ordered her favourite rice tea.
Her choice for that day was mixed vegetable noodles.

Bento Chicken Set with scrambled eggs.
It looked great though but I hated it!!
I hate wet rice.. or soupy rice..
I like my rice dry.. no no horrifying floody gravy all over my rice.
My chicken fillet was like floating on the soupy rice... bleughhhh...
So potong stim~

Chuka Zanmai = Sushi Zanmai
But Chuka's food really disturbing....
Somehow I find Sushi Zanmai much more appealing than Chuka.

Click *here* for my previous Sushi Zanmai visit.


Next stop!! Izakaya Ichiban, also in Hartamas Shopping Center. =)
We're quite frequent here for lunch.
Nice lunch set for only 18 bucks..
complete with Chawamushi, fruits, 2 main dish with rice, salad and soup.

That night.. we were here for dinner!! First time. Excited? No?
We left office by 6pm sharp.. drop in here for dinner....
and... and head back to office to continue work.
WORK ok!!! WORK!!!!! *sulks*

We started with a complimentary starter... 'cauliflower with mayo'...

Salmon Skin Salad... (above)
This is darn good.. crispy crispyyy..
Priscilla was grooving on her seat with a little too much joy.. ahhaha
I like this too.. around 16 or 18 bucks i think..
Darn my memory goin down the drain.. *sobs*

Priscilla's Salmon Rice, which made her "glee" again.. hehehe
Luckily we were seated.. if not.. she'll go jumping jumping..

"After a long long day of hard work... stress..."
then she paused.. and let out a long sigh...
"we should pamper ourselves with gooooood fooodddd!!"
"EAT EAT EAT!!! help yourself.. don't malu malu yah..."
hahaha she really made me laugh sometimes with her actions & expressions.. LOL

My dinner set. Yummy lor.
So many things to eat.. very good teriyaki chicken...
I can't really eat other things tat night.. mostly were beef..
Not in the mood for salmon or sushi... so i randomly choose this set lor...
and it turned out greatt...
or mayb i've got a great crazy companion that night... hehehe..

Izakaya Ichiban is slightly pricey but I think it's all worth it.
So much better than Chuka Zanmai.


Eh Japanese food so frequent.. must change to Korean a bit also right?
This was... SAME LOR!!!
Leave office by 6.30pm then go EAT then go back office to WORK lor!!
Work like until 10pm lor!!! or mayb just 9... *shrugs*

Anyway.... third stop at Daorae Garden Korean BBQ. (my previous visit *click*)
We did not order BBQ simply 'cos minimum order is 2 BBQ sets.
Didn't want to eat that much and we couldn't finish both the sets either.
So we ordered Korean Rice Cake with Spicy Sauce... and Kimchi Soup with rice.

Many many side dishes... i thought we'll only have it if we order the BBQ's...
Mana tau.. we'll get it too as long as we order FOOD.
Refillable. Good. Nice. Like it A LOT!!
All these little dishes made me super full d. Can't really flood my kimchi soup in. *winks*

I like this place a lot.
Nice ambience. Nice food. Good looking Koreans.


I love Fridays compared to Chillis or The Coast or Italiannies..
Somehow I rather prefer Fridays more. Don't ask me why...
I'm still finding out... =P

YES after another day of long work.
This time we finished our work-of-the-day.. *gags*
THEN only we had our dinner at Hartamas Shopping Center again..

TGIF opened a new outlet here.
Good crowd. Happy hour, happy dinner, happy people, so therefore happy me.

We took the dinner set. *click*
We shared the Fried Mac & Cheese...

Roma Chicken Cutlet

Chicken & Shrimp Diablo...
fancy this dish.. simply cos i [heart] shrimps... hehehe

and super rich dessert of Chocolate Malt Cake.

Who can resist?
Definitely not the both of us.
Need not to be on Friday to feel like a Friday.


Merry Xmas everyone!!
I did not move my ass out tonight. No plans.
Just came back from grocery-shopping at Tesco.
Blogging now and soon to rest.

Will be celebrating anniversary a birthday tomorrow.
My blog turning 5.
5 freaking years.
Din realize it has been this long since I started blogging for the last 5 Christmas.

Luv ya. XOXO

p/s: did you realise there food outlets are all in Hartamas Area??/ hehehe

till tomorrow.

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