Sunday, December 21, 2008

the "dough-balls" day!!

"Happy Dong Dong Day!!" I greeted my sister this morning.
"Let's go dong-dong k." She looked at me like I'm alienated or smtg.

Ben called. "Celebrate d?"
I replied.. "Yeah.. dong this morning d. Going to dong again tonight.. hehe"

Yeah... Today is Dong Zhi. 冬至. Eat 湯圓 a lot a lot.
Another reunion of the Chinese Tradition?
Been working late nights lately.. only then I realized the meaning of like reunion dinner.
I never took it seriously before 'cos we whole family eat everyday together.
Like almost every meal until I started working late nights.
So it was never quite a big deal of reunion dinner thing.
But now it had been 2 weeks, I did not sit on the same table eating with them.
Gawddd then I realized how much I miss the moments..
Silly huh? *grins*

Mommy made the dough. Coloured the pink.
All of us sitting in front of the tv last night rolling them up..


*work again*

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